Buxom Newness!

Bring on the Buxom

Buxom Newness

These are just a few of my recent Buxom purchases.  I can honestly recommend each and every one of these…

Sarina Buxom:  A fabulous shimmering toffee color.  It has multi-dimensional sparkles, that creates a beautiful shine while still being subtle.  This is not the uber shiny, teenie bopper glitter you get with other glosses.

Buxom Lashliners:  Makes lining a BREEZE, even for a lining noob like myself.  Creats bright, fabulous, defined eyes while helping to condition your lashes.  This is my new MUST HAVE beauty product.  I will post pictures with the product shortly.  =)

Buxom Stay-There Shadows:  The newest addition to the BE Buxom line.  These are like NOTHING you’ve ever seen before!  I’m serious, this is like something NASA engineers would come up with.  I would say it has a mousse-like consistency, but even that doesn’t really accurately describe it.  Maybe spongey?  =)  Whatever it is, you need to try this.  I have Poodle which I received from a contest at Mineral Madness (my favorite BE fan forum) and I recently purchased Shih Tzu.  Again, I will post pics soon.  These shadows have amazing color payoff, do not crease, go on with ease, and are all around sensational.

Buxom Lipstick:  Do you love long lasting lipcolor, that is creamy,  not dry, with a great tingly feeling?  Then this is for you!  Gone are the days of having to endure painful burning for plump looking, sexy lips.  I have almost every one of these colors, and I love, love, LOVE them all.  Looking for the perfect red?  Than Barcelona is for you.  Perfect nude? Marrakech.  Perfect soft pink?  Amsterdam.  The newest addition to my Buxom Lipstick lineup is San Francisco.  A glorious soft raspberry shade. 

If you’re like me, you love having the right tool to achieve your look.  I would highly recommend both the Buxom Lashliner Brush, and Stay There Shadow brush.  They really do help apply their respective products while being sleek, fun, and fairly priced.

If you’ve read all this, thanks for tuning in to my first blog posting.  =)  I look forward to reviewing and showcasing lots of BE in the future.  I cannot say enough about the company and the “culture” of woman I have encountered since I started using their products in 2007.


8 Responses to “Buxom Newness!”

  1. Apriltini Says:


  2. Fabulous, congratulations…

  3. mkaup83 Says:

    Great review Kesha!
    I agree, I love the lashliners and I purchased the brush when they first came out too. Definately helps create a nice thin line!

  4. Renee Sanchez McKim Says:

    Is heading over to Sephora online…Totally love the entire Buxom Line!!!
    I haven’t had a chance to try these…but, love the idea!!

  5. Hi Kesha,
    Congratulations on your new blog! 8*) Love the newness out there this summer. Good luck my friend.

  6. Wow, cool looking blog, well written, concise and I love the product information. You go!

  7. Wow, very cool looking blog, well written with concise, interesting information. You go!

    I’m trying to resist purchasing the Buxom shadows…but with these temps and humidity I may have to give them a whirl. Your looks are making it tempting. Share your love of the Buxom lipsticks…just bought my first one this week (London) and I don’t know why I waited this long!

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