HELP! Confessions of a Buxom Addict

I have a problem.  I have a Buxom addiction.  =)  So what does a Buxom addict DO with all their Buxoms?  Thanks to Brooke at Mineral Madness (thank you SOOO much) I found these organizers to store my BE lipsticks, glosses, and Buxoms.  Finding an organizer big enough to accomodate not only the Buxoms, but the lipsticks can be difficult.  I am so grateful to have found these, and wanted to share.

Here is the link to purchase them, they retail for 11.99, and each hold 24 products.

 I was able to use the promo code VIP20 when I ordered mine and saved an additional 20%.  I’m not sure if it still works, but it would be worth a try.  =)  I was VERY happy with the shipping time and overall customer service I got with my order.

I hope this is helpful to some that may have the same “problem” I did..

Again, another thanks to Brooke for pointing me to these.  ❤

Buxom Mania!

So many Buxom, so little time...

BE Lipsticks

BE 100% Natural Lipglosses


14 Responses to “HELP! Confessions of a Buxom Addict”

  1. I have been looking for a new way to store lipsticks/glosses. Thanks so much!

  2. You really are an ANGEL ❤

  3. Oh, and a special thank you to BROOKE as well…

  4. WOW, I can’t thank you enough for this piece of info!

  5. Thanks for sharing this, there are so many of us “in need” of a way to store our lip products…this is perfect!

  6. thinkbeautifully1 Says:

    This is EXACTLY what I need! Since I have a full drawer of Buxom in my Harbor Freight chest, this will free up SO much space. Thanks!

  7. Omgosh that’s a great idea! I’m sooooo in love with buxoms! There’s a NEW buxom coming out soon also, buxom lip creams….EXCITED! 🙂

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