The Perfect BE Storage… The Lowe’s Chest

The Plano Model 1364

The Plano Model 1364 - 4 drawers

The top compartment of the Plano Tacklebox Model 1364

One of the drawers from the Plano Tacklebox

The Chest with the top open

The Chest closed

The top compartment

The Big Daddy Drawer.. holds 130 shadows.

One of the smaller drawers.. holds 60 shadows

This is what the box to the Lowe's Chest looks like.

Dimensions of the Drawers

So.. if you’re like me, and have rapidly accumulated BE (I’m still convinced they multiply on their own).. you’ll soon find the need for storage.  And lots of it.  Everyone has their own preference, many ladies have come to love the infamous “Lowe’s Chest”.  In BE circles, this has become the “holy grail” of storage, lol. 

The Lowe’s Chest is available at Lowe’s, and is a seasonal item they carry usually beginning in October.  I’ve heard stories from ladies who’ve found chests later in the year at discounted prices, so that’s always worth a try if you just can’t wait for them to roll out again.

Here are the stats on the chest:

Item #171108      Manufactured by LG Sourcing Inc.     

 Last year’s price:  69.98

Available at Lowe’s.

I choose to store my shadows on their sides.  Using this method, the smaller drawers will hold 60 shadows.  The larger drawers will hold 130 each.  The upper storage compartement is HUGE.. you can store foundations, brushes, radiances, whatever in this one, and stack them on top of each other with plenty of clearance.  Total shadow capacity using the method of storing them on their side is:  500.  500! you say?  This could be the one and only storage you’ll ever need. 

I’m included a photograph of the box with the drawer dimensions.. I will say this chest is rather big.  However, if you can find a place in your bathroom, or even in your bedroom, you won’t regret it.  It a beautiful way to store and organize your collection.

Before I was able to purchase a Lowe’s Chest, I used a Plano tacklebox for my collection.  There are several different models which in essence are the same.  I used Model 1364.  I also stored my jars on their sides with this system.  Each drawer would hold 33 shadows x 4 drawers put the total storage capacity at: 132.  A very reasonable size for everyday BE users.  =)  These also have a top storage compartment that works well to hold all your other “goodies”.  I felt a little weird having fishing tackle boxes on my bathroom counter to hold my makeup, not the “prettiest” of systems, but it suited it’s purpose for a long time.  I eventually bought a second one, and then a third. 

I will include pictures of both systems.. both have worked very well.  BE also made a storage armoire, but because I already had my Lowe’s chest, I passed on it.  I’ve heard good things about them though from the ladies that purchased them.   If you still have a relatively modest collection, the boxes BE puts their kits out in work awesome too.  I think my alltime favorite kit box was the Bare Crystals.  I actually still use that one everyday and took it filled with my essentials when I checked into the hospital to have my son.  The Moxie collection box and the Sea Yourself box are also among my favorites. 

What do you store your BE in?  =)  And if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  =)


3 Responses to “The Perfect BE Storage… The Lowe’s Chest”

  1. I have two of those Lowes chests and I am thinking if it comeout again, I may need another… EEK!

  2. WOW, I have no more words… LOL

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