Of Prime Importance

Prime Time: The Dynamic Duo

One Pump of Original Prime Time

One Pump of the *New* Brightening Prime Time. Currently ONLY available from QVC. Can you see the Luminosity to it?

Even closer, close-up of the *NEW* Brightening Prime Time.

This is a closeup of my hand where I rubbed in the Brightening Prime Time. Hopefully the luminosity shows through. This really gives a gorgeous finish.

Every canvas needs a good priming before beginning the masterpiece.  I cannot say enough about BE PrimeTime primers.  These are silky smooth, lightweight, fast absorbing, and all around most important in extending the life of your makeup throughout the day.  I’ve tried several diffent ones that I’ve received as free samples from Sephora.com, and nothing compares to PrimeTime.  I love that it’s not greasy, much like BE’s foundation, I don’t “feel” it on my face.  It makes my foundation application even MORE flawless and smoothes out all the bumps and creases.  I have a scar on my upper cheek near my eye where I was bitten by a dog when I was about 5, and this really helps in dimishing the appearance of it.  I also find I use even less foundation when using the Primer.  My makeup lasts all day without issue, even when I was working for the airline here in town and out de-icing aircrafts in the middle of winter.  I kid you not, an Alaskan blizzard, while in a cherrypicker spraying glycol onto an airplane, and my makeup still looked as if I had just applied it. 

If you can get your hands on BE’s *new* Brightening PrimeTime, waste no time!  It was recently launced on QVC in the ReThink TSV and since getting mine… well, I’ve become smitten with it.  This stuff is magic.  Same lightweight feel as the original PrimeTime, but with “brighteners” encased within.  I can use this, and almost don’t need to use foundation.  The “tint” in it vanishes into your skin and leaves behind a luminous glowing look that I can only explain as a “baby glow”.  Skin is dewy, youthful, and just beautiful.  I’m considering purchasing another of the ReThink kits just for this Primer as I’m terrified of running out. (That, and the new Brightening EYE Primer… be still my heart!  More on that later.) 

If you’ve never used a Primer.. now is the time to give it a try.  I held off for awhile when this first came out thinking I really didn’t need it.. now I can’t imagine living without it.  One pump is usually enough to cover your entire face, and the bottle lasts forever it seems. 

I’m including pictures of both Primers..there is also a third one which I have yet to try, which is the Oil-Control formula.  Those who previously shied away from Primers because they have oily skin may find this the perfect formula.  I’m not sure I captured the beautiful finish the Brightening Primer gives.. I hope so.  I will say that it’s a lot creamier than the Original, the consistency is different, but the result and feel is the same. 

The Rethink Beauty Collection w/the Brightening Primer is still available at QVC with limited foundation options.  I would recommend getting it regardless of whether your particular foundation shade is available or not.  Order in a shade for a friend or family member.  The other components in this kit are fabulous and noteworthy also.  The Ink Big and Bright liner is one of the pretties liners I’ve bought in a long time.  Jelly Roll lipgloss is the perfect summer shade.  The Brightening Eye Primer.. must have in my opinion and in a quantity never seen before.  Lucky eyeshadow.. beautiful.  Trust me.. in the world of Primers, this is groundbreaking.  Here’s the link:  ReThink Beauty Collection

Regular Primetime can be purchased at all the BE retailers, including BE.com.  At one time, the boutiques had sample cards with both the Eye and Face Primers on them.. if you’re really wanting to try it first, this may be an option for you if they’re still available.


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