The Happiest My Skin Has Ever Been

Purifying Facial Cleanser Lab Packaging and Renew and Reveal Cleanser

Purifying Facial Cleanser - Currently ONLY available from QVC

Renew and Reveal Facial Cleanser - aka: Miracle Powder

Close-Up of the Renew and Reveal Powder before "activation"

Renew and Reveal Cleanser after "activation".. see how foamy and yummy it looks?

Here’s a little background into my skintype and how I came to use BE.  Growing up, I never really took care of my skin.  I washed with just water, which was okay because I didn’t wear makeup.  To say I was a late-bloomer in regards to makeup and skincare would be a HUGE understatement, lol.  In 2007 I discovered Bare Minerals foundation after watching an informercial late at night.  Never having worn makeup because I hated the way it felt, this seemed a little too good to be be true.  How wrong I was!  I have never turned back.  As I started wearing the foundation, I noticed an almost immediate change for the better in my skin.  I thought, “wow!  My skin has never looked so good”, and I truly thought that was as good as it was going to get.  Then along came the RareMinerals Renew and Reveal cleanser.  I had previously been using a brand I won’t mention, and while it was “good”, it left my face red in areas.  I thought this was just a normal part of life.  My face felt clean, but it also had that annoying “tight” feel to it.  Those of you that have experienced this know what I mean.  =) 

It was during a BE makeunder event where I was introduced the cleanser.  The Beauty Associate doing my makeunder told me to give it a try and that she would be surprised if I didn’t notice right away that that redness I had been experiencing had gone away.  She was right!  After one use, no redness.  Crazy.  My skin was sooooo smooth, no tightness, no redness.. and I was sold.  I’ve been using it everyday since and for someone that thought their skin couldn’t possibly look any better.. well, I was proven wrong again.  The hyperpigmentation I was noticing on one cheek has all but vanished, the redness around my nose has diminished, I rarely experience breakouts, and my pores are noticeably smaller.  This of course is my personnal experience, and I’m not making any medical claims, but I can honestly say I have seen all these results.  My skin glows where it used to be dull.  Again, because my skin has improved so much, I am using even less foundation.  I really could go on and on about this cleanser.

I would say to anyone skeptical to it because it’s so unconventional being in a powder form, just try it.  I love that each and every time I go to wash my face, I’m whipping up a fresh batch.  I’m activating it then and there.  It smells divine.. I can only explain it as “lemony oatmeal”.  It washes clean.. I don’t feel like I have “residue” on my face.. and again, no more “tight” feeling.  My skin feels balanced.  I love this stuff.

Which brings me to the new cleanser from BE.  You’d think as much as I love the Renew and Reveal.. why take a chance and try the new Purifying Facial Cleanser?  For starters, I received a free sample from Leslie herself, so I couldn’t help but try it.  =)  Secondly, I’m a Clarisonic user and the thought of being able to just squirt it on the brush and go, was a little exciting.  I began using my sample in San Francisco at the BE Getaway when I received it, and by the time it aired later that month on QVC, I was sold.  This is just as wonderful as the Renew and Reveal.  It has a very creamy consistency, very similiar to another popular cleanser on the market but unlike that one, it doesn’t make my face red.  =)  I like that on days when I may be running short on time, I can squirt some on my Clarisonic and go.  It too rinses clean, and doesn’t make my face feel tight. 

In San Francisco Leslie explained to us that the new cleanser is NOT going to replace the old, which made me take a big sigh of relief.  She explained it was formulated for those that were unable to use the Renew and Reveal because it exfoliated a little too much.  I think it also caters to those who might have questioned the effectiveness of the powder formula too.  I find that my husband likes the ease of the new cleanser… it’s a good one for the guys who don’t necessarily want to “fuss” with their skincare.  Currently the new cleanser is only available from QVC, and I have the say the price is stupidly good.  When it launched, I bought two.. I was afraid I’d run out before it was made available again.  It is still in the “lab sample” form, no “pretty packaging” just yet.  I don’t mind if it means I get it sooner, lol.  I call it the ugly duckling packaging.  Maybe not so pretty on the outside, but the stuff inside is where the magic is. 

Here is the link to the new cleanser at QVC:  Purifying Facial Cleanser

Again.. I use both cleansers with my Clarisonic and have had no issue.  My usual skincare routine involves using the new Purifying in the morning, and the Renew and Reveal at night.  Some ladies actually mix their Renew and Reveal into the Purifying for an extra heavy duty formula.  I haven’t personally tried it, but I plan to in the future.  Why not?  I’ve found the more Rare Minerals, the better.  =)  Oh!  I also wanted to add that I store my Renew and Reveal in my shower and have not had any problems, so ladies have expressed concern over the moisture of the shower effecting the powder, but I haven’t experienced a problem.  I store it up on a shelf where the water can’t run into it, and of course keep it closed.


4 Responses to “The Happiest My Skin Has Ever Been”

  1. I fixed the link in this thread.. for those that may have tried before it was fixed, I apologize.. it should take you to the right product now, lol. =)

  2. I simply ❤ this new cleanser. I'm still on the same bottle that I purchase back in May when it first made its debt on the Q, I even have given my daughter some and I have been using one pump twice a day. I can't say enough about this new face wash. Altho I still love the orginal RM powder form this is a double treat for me to be able to use both of them together or by itself and still get the same clean, smooth awesome results.
    Like Kesha I also use a Clarisonic and it is a wonderful beauty tip to use.
    As I've told Leslie one time, I love having a love affair with the new cleanser and I don't think it's going to end anytime soon. 🙂

  3. […] I cannot say enough about how much I love, love, LOVE this cleanser.. I blogged about it here. […]

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