45 Kits in 45 Days

I recently completed a project on Mineral Madness where I went through my Lowe’s Drawer, and used one kit a day.. for 45 days.  (When I counted the kits that were in the drawer, there were 45)  I discussed this project here:  45/45  I had so much fun doing it, and I have to say, not having to worry about what makeup or kit I was going to wear every day was a thing of beauty.  I’d just go in and grab the next one in the drawer.   I plan to go back and edit this post and itemize each day here, so if there’s a kit you’re wondering about, you can go straight to it at Mineral Madness.

Let me take a brief moment right now to sing the praises of Mineral Madness.  It is my alltime favorite Bare Escentuals forum, and the one I call “home”.  If you have not registered there, I STRONGLY suggest doing so.  There are so many wonderful people there, and it’s a wealth of information.  If there’s something new BE, you can bet someone there will not only post about it, but include pictures, close-up, personal review.. you name it.  =)  If you’d like, you can enter my username there (keshajae) as a reference when you join.  If you do.. let me know so I can add you there as a friend too.  The address to the forum is:  www.MineralMadness.com.  Hope to see you there!

Okay.. back to the 45/45.. each day is posted in the Put Together thread according to day with Day 1 being here.  I really encourage everyone to go through their collections and revisit their “oldies but goodies”.  It made me fall in love with some of my kits all over again, and got me USING all the great stuff I have.  Not to mention, it will take away the dreaded thought of, “hmmm.. what am I’m going to use today?”  =)  That’s golden right there.

Here’s an itemized list of the kits I used in my “45 Kits in 45 Days”…

  1. Canary Diamonds
  2. Black Diamonds
  3. Charmed Collection
  4. Pink Diamonds
  5. Champagne Diamonds
  6. Teamed Up: Down to Earth
  7. LOL
  8. LOL2
  9. Field of Gleams
  10. LOL3
  11. Beauty Oasis
  12. Destination: Ensenada
  13. Sun Proof Eyes
  14. Wish You Were Here
  15. Foiling Glimmers
  16. Pussycat Eyes
  17. Fired Up Foiling Glimmers
  18. Most Wanted #1
  19. Bare Gold
  20. Bare Pearl
  21. Fan Club
  22. Bare Platinum
  23. Bare Diamond
  24. Mystical Eye Quickies
  25. Bathing Beauty
  26. Blendable: Fruit Smoothie
  27. Blendable: Tahitian Sunset
  28. Take Me By Surprise
  29. Peacock Collection
  30. Blendable: Watercolors
  31. Blendable: Wine Country
  32. Pure Compliments
  33. Fall In Love w/Your Skin #2
  34. Ponder Collection
  35. Blendable: Camouflage
  36. Smoky Eye
  37. Smoky V Eye
  38. Eco Luxe
  39. Safari Chic
  40. Superstars
  41. Sex Pots
  42. Animal Instincts
  43. Sea Yourself
  44. Pure Moxie
  45. A Bare Affair

If you go to Mineral Madness, you can do a search for the day of the kit you’re looking for and whallah!  Search, “Day ___”.


2 Responses to “45 Kits in 45 Days”

  1. Apriltini Says:

    Re: MM. I’m really not as grumpy as I sound, so if anyone needs some help, don’t be afraid to PM me. 🙂

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