The Balm-Diggity

Copacabana Buxom Balm

Waikiki Buxom Balm

Aren't they cute?

Perfect size to pop into your purse.

Copacabana w/the wonderful mirrored lid.

Copacabana: the perfect sheer nude

Waikiki: the perfect pink.

Swatches of Copacabana and Waikiki.

Another swatch..

In the spirit of love for all things Buxom, I feel I have to discuss the Buxom Balms.  It seems these don’t get the raves they’re due.. I personally LOVE the two I have.  Here are just some of the reasons:  they give the most fabulous buttery smooth feel to your lips, they have the signature Buxom tingle, the colors are just right on your lips.. just a little something, it conditions your lips, and the packaging is just what every girl wants.  There’s a mirror in the lid of the “pod” and who doesn’t love that?  How many times have you wanted to touch up your lips only to have been without a mirror?  Or had to rumage around in your purse just to find your compact with a mirror only to awkwardly attempt your touchup?  lol.  This genius packaging addresses that beautifully.  The lid is just the right size to hold in your hand with the pod in the palm of your hand making for a quick easy application.

I will say when these first came out, I was bummed to see that they came in a pod instead of a tube.  I have longer nails, and I steer clear of anything I have to dip my fingers into to apply.  Nothing I hate more than getting a bunch of gunk underneath my nails or dragging my nail through my jar of product ruining it.  With these, I don’t have that problem though.  It’s the perfect consistency to where you don’t need to “dig” into the pot, you can just run your fingertip across it and pick up enough product.  You can see in my pictures that there are no dig marks in it.

I would recommend these two colors to anyone wanting to try them out.  Copacabana is a beautiful sheer nude that just gives that little something to your lips, while Waikiki is a very pretty pink.  When I wear Waikiki, I feel like I’m channeling my inner child.  I keep wanting to get some of the other colors, but I have sooooo many lip products already.  I think if you’re someone that doesn’t care for glosses or lipstick, these would be the Buxom product for you.  It’s not heavy, it’s not sticky.. it’s just right.  Think smooth like butter. 

These are exclusive to Sephora, retail for 15.00 and can be purchased here.  I really hope that people who haven’t tried these, give them a try.  My favorite moment where I was eternally grateful for having one in my purse came last April when I traveled.  We have all experienced the close quarters in a plane, and being able to grab this out of my purse without a major production and apply it with ease was a dream come true.  Airplane air is dry and yucky so being able to put this on my lips felt heavenly.  So.. give these balms some love!  They truly are the Balm diggity.  =)


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