Anchorage Master Class w/BE’s Global Makeup Artist, Bravon

There is nothing better than a Master Class with Bravon!  I was fortunate enough to not only meet him in San Francisco, but to have him do my makeup at the Master Class there.  It was something I will never forget, and the opportunity of a lifetime.  Come pick his brain, learn new tips, get color matched.. this is the first time the Corporate team will be visiting Alaska, let’s welcome them with big open arms. 

I am attending the 11 am class Saturday, September 11th with a bunch of friends from Homer and a lovely lady I’ve met who lives in Anchorage.  The last time I called, there were still several slots available for this class.. as well as the other 2.  Please come join the fun, you will not regret it.  🙂  I also recommend signing up to have a makeunder with one of the National Artists.. a great opportunity to sit down with one of the “masters” and get some good tricks and tips.

Here is all the info. on the class, including the number to Nordstrom’s to call and sign up.  If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.. I love these classes and hope to see you all there.  What better excuse to come visit Alaska?  😉

Bare Escentuals Anchorage Master Class


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