Big & Bright Liners.. Love!

The Liner Line-Up

The Super Amazing Smudger

The Sharpener

Big & Bright Liner Swatches

As a woman who discovered makeup in her late 20’s, well.. let’s just say I never got the eyelining tutorial most girls get at an early age.  I’ve always felt like a huge noob when it comes to eyelining.  Do I line the top and the bottom?  How do I get a straight line?  How close to my eye do I need to get?  As a BE user, I got used to using liner powders with a brush to line.. these created a whole new dilemma for me.  “Oh great, a PENCIL, now what?”  lol.  I have to say.. these are wonderful!  I was able to line successfully almost right away.  They are soft, don’t tug and pull at your eye, the color lays down smooth and stays put, but I think the best feature of all is the smudger on the end.  It not only works as an amazing smudger but also doubles as an eraser if you mess up.  These also come equipped with a sharpener at the end.. again, BE covers all the bases.  I’ve been collecting a bunch of these as they’ve been coming in many of the sets recently.  I think if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Ink from the Rethink Collection available from QVC.  It’s not blue, it’s not purple.. it’s just fantastic.  It makes my green eyes just POP, but I think blue or brown eyes would too.  It’s definitely a color that creates drama.  Often times, I line my waterline, and these stay put.  I’ve been caught offguard at a movie once or twice where I ended up crying, and I didn’t have a makeup breakdown.  If you’re a person who didn’t particulary care for the loose liner shadows, I would recommend giving these a try.  If you’re a loose liner shadow user like me, I think you’ll find a lot of success in this new format.  If I can master the eyeliner pencil… I’m convinced anyone can, lol.  =)


4 Responses to “Big & Bright Liners.. Love!”

  1. Apriltini Says:

    Great comp Kesha. It really punches up the differences between similar colors. I wonder if anyone will want to trade lightly used liners? lol

    • I’m sure you could find a trade buddy, I just recently passed along my Chocolate one I only used a few times. Plus, the liners you could “trim” down a bit to get to the unused part.

  2. thinkbeautifully1 Says:

    OK you’ve convinced me to give them a try again. I think I need to dip them in Weather Everything first.

    @April yeah you can totally trade them! Since you can dip them in alcohol and then sharpen them down they are quite sanitary.
    I have traded some on Makeup Alley successfully. New ones go pretty quickly on MM.


    And now, I must go write a blog post because miss K is making me look like a slacker!

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