Girlfriend 7-piece Collection available at QVC

Eek!  More BE newness.. and new colors!  The only thing I currently have from this set is the Leslie Buxom, and it’s a gorgeous shade.  Y’all need it, lol.  The sound of the green Big and Bright Liner has me droooooling and oh my.  BE really needs to stop making such fab sets, they’re killin’ me, lol. 

Currently it’s available at the Try Me price of 36.12.  A steal in my opinion.. now, to figure out how to get my hands on one.. lol.

Girlfriends Collection


11 Responses to “Girlfriend 7-piece Collection available at QVC”

  1. Apriltini Says:

    I’m gonna pass on it, for now at least. My first impulse was a giant squee, but then I took some deep breaths, which helped. I have several light pink colors that I could sub, and one or two grays, and do we really need yet another blush? I know I don’t!

    Be strong!

    • Do you know if it’s a Q Exclusive? It looks like from the packaging it may end up elsewhere. I really want the green liner… and could use a mini Leslie.. and I sort of have a blush fetish, lol. Ack.

  2. I’m all over this!!

  3. I ordered it…along with the San Francisco collection and the Big Bright and Bold Collection

  4. Apriltini Says:

    James hinted it would be at other venues, but didn’t say which ones. I’m tempted, but I’ll stay strong and pass on this one. There’s another kit coming up that I WILL buy. I think you’ll want it, too, Kesha.

    • Ack! Even MORE newness?! /sigh.

      • Apriltini Says:

        For me, it’s better than the GF kit everyone’s freaking about right now. Just a lil somethin’ called BE Addicts 2. You might have heard of it. 😀

      • I have! And I know what’s in it.. but there’s something about brand new colors that calls my name. And I think I want the Leslie Buxon Babe more than the one in the BE Addicts 2. Who am I kidding, I’ll probaby end up getting both. *sigh*

  5. **Quick Update.. in a moment of weakness and just having an all around craptastic day, I ordered this. I’m so excited.. can’t wait for it to get here. =)

  6. You won’t regret it Kesha. I ❤ the B&B Sage green liner. It's really pretty.
    I think today I'm going to try my hand at foiling B.F.F. and see how it looks. 🙂

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