Lash But Not Least

Mascara is the finishing touch to a great eye look.. and finding the right one can be very frustrating.  I go through phases where I have to buy and try all the new hype mascaras.  I have tried all of the over the counter “it” mascaras.  I have to say.. none of them really did anything for me.  I hate to name names, but one of the worst was the Maybelline Lash Stilleto.  It smelled sooooo bad.  I told my husband, “you shouldn’t be able to smell your eyelashes, it’s just not right”.  Several other popular drugstore mascaras also fell short for me.

During my search for my “holy grail” mascara BE launched their new Flawless Definition Mascara.  I fell in love instantly.  The brush is like none I’d found so far and the formula was heavenly.  It did not clump, removed easily (no “scrubbing” to get it off).  I felt like my lashes after only a week of use were a lot healthier.  One of the drugstore brands literally had my lashes falling out in clumps.  Not a great feature.  This really reversed the damage the other had done.

Prior to using the Flawless Definition, I was using BE’s Big Tease pretty regularly.  I will say I still really like this formula also. I am able to get some great volume with the brush on this one.  The formula is also very gentle on your lashes.  I continue to alternate between this one, the Flawless, and the Buxom mascara.

Which brings me to the Buxom mascara.. another one of my new faves.  I get glorious volume with this one!  I especially like the end of the brush on this one for fanning out my lashes, and it really does give you ooh la la lashes.  All the BE formulas are gentle, while still giving the volume, length, and color you desire.  Buxom Mascara can be purchased from or Sephora stores.  Here’s a quick handy link:  Buxom Mascara.

The newest member to the BE mascara lineup is the Flawless Definition Volumnizing Mascara.  Currently it’s included in the Inside Scoop set at Sephora available for Beauty Insiders in a mini size.  For the full size, it’s now available at Bare  I’ve been using it and loving the results.  BE recommends two coats for optimum definition.  Here’s a link to purchase:  Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition Volumnizing Mascara.

I think whichever formula you pick, you will find excellent results.  I like each one for different reasons, and actually use more than one quite often.  I believe my quest to find my holy grail mascara has finally come to an end.  😉

Mascara Line-Up

Flawless Definition Brush vs. Flawless Definition Volumizing Brush

Flawless Definition Brush

Flawless Definition Volumnizing Brush

Buxom Mascara Brush

Big Tease Mascara Brush


7 Responses to “Lash But Not Least”

  1. lol.. I fixed the link to the Volumnizing mascara. I apologize if you mistakenly got the other one.. it was the link to the new bike I just received from my hubby, lol. whoops.

  2. I’m signing up to follow this blog. 🙂 Good Info!

  3. U R <3'd and thank you for all the fabulous info…

  4. I really love the Flawless Mascara and the new one the Flawless Definition Mascara really does give you that wow factor. I still reach for my Boxum mascara, but right now I’m loving the Flawless and Flawless Definition. I’ve even used them both together and also usingtheFlawless Definition for top lashes,the Flawless for the bottom lashes. What’s even better is that they don’t clump or smudge on me and that’s a big ++ in my eyes.

  5. Ok, I must disagree with you on the Lash Stiletto mascara. It is one of my faves. I’ve not noticed an odd smell with mine. Another new fav is Maybelline Falsies…a new love for me. I do also really love the Flawless. It is probably one of the best mascaras on the market right now. I just got a sample of the Volumizing Flawless at the boutique a couple days ago. Haven’t tried it yet. Mom LOVES the Buxom mascara. She just got a new one. I didn’t really like the Big Tease that well. The brush and/or formula just didn’t do much for me.

    Isn’t it funny how mascara is one of those subjective things? A HG for one person is another’s ‘worst ever’. I’ve read a bunch of online reviews for mascara and that was the conclusion I came to. Everyone looks for something different.

  6. lunertravel Says:

    The original Flawless Definition is my holy grail mascara. Good-bye Lancome Defincils FOREVER. Flawless is, well…flawless! I’ve introduced it to several of my friends who agree that the little brush is the best thing ever. And I also threw away my lash curler. Don’t need it any more. 🙂

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