Who needs an eyeliner when you can have a LASHliner? =)

This is my alltime new, must have BE product.  The Buxom Lashliners.  I was very hesitant when they first came out, and I only just recently discovered what I was missing out on.  If you read my Big and Bright liner post yesterday, you know my lining story.  To summarize, I’m a lining noob.  I have always looked at women and thought, “how do they make their eyes look like that!?”  I don’t know what they’re using, but I know what I’m using now, lol.  These are AMAZING! 

I have purchased Leatherette and Suede, and will be purchasing Sequins and Blue Velvet ASAP.  I’ve been using my Lashliners everyday since they arrived.  I loooooove them.  Leatherette is the perfect black, and Suede is a nice, dark, rich espresso brown.  Not a light brown by any means, but still brown.  Not too harsh.  I’m going to include a picture I took recently for my 45/45 project where I used Leatherette Lashliner and the Smoky V Tutorial set.  I was pretty amazed how great it turned out.  I didn’t try these sooner because I’d never used a cream anything before on my eyes, and I was nervous.  I really can’t say enough how easy these are to apply and get the PERFECT line.  Plus, they condition and improve your lashes at the same time.  Brilliant.  I should say, if I had one complaint about these, is how hard it can be to get off.  This speaks to the amazing staying power of the product though.  I put mine on my waterline and it STAYS.

You can purchase the Lashliner brush.. it’s perfect for this product.  Originally I didn’t buy the Lashliner brush, so in the interim I used the Double Ended Liner Shadow Brush, the pointy end.  I think it works just as well in the event you’re not wanting to purchase the Lashliner one right away.  I actually still use it every now and then, it really does work great.

Lashliners are exclusive to Sephora, here is the link to buy them online or you can check them out at your local store.  Buxom Lashliners.  Here’s the link for the brush:  Buxom Lashliner Brush.

Buxom Lashliner.. my newest love.

Leatherette and Suede.

Little pot of greatness.

Leatherette Lashliner

Suede Lashliner

The Lashliner Brush

A look I did with Leatherette Lashliner and the Smoky V Tutorial.


3 Responses to “Who needs an eyeliner when you can have a LASHliner? =)”

  1. Lemonkitti Says:

    I am going to have to try this now!!!

  2. I tried the sequins and was NOT impressed. I’m not big into black eyeliner anyhow

    • If you don’t like the Sequins, Suede is really great. I use that one the most. It’s a nice brown, not too dark, not too light. Sephora has a GREAT return policy, you could maybe return the Sequins for Suede? 🙂

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