August 13th-15th QVC Shows

It’s that time again!  Time for us all to sit down with a bowl of ice cream, popcorn, (insert favorite snack here).. grab a couple girlfriends and gather around our TV’s.  It’s QVC weekend!

You can find all the info. on the newness that will be presented here:  Mineral Madness.  As more info. becomes available as to pricing and such, it will be added.  You will also find the links to the products offered there.  Once they become live, I will try to post a “go get ’em!” message.  Looking at what’s coming up I have to say I’m really excited!  I won’t name the kits by name here.. for that you’ll have to visit MM.  🙂  You’ll also find the show schedule posted there.

I can’t wait to watch Leslie and see what shenanigans she and Lisa will be up to.  =)


One Response to “August 13th-15th QVC Shows”

  1. I am SO looking forward to the BE Addicts Vol 2 kit!! Heaven blush is my all time fave!! I’m getting two of these kits for sure. Will also get the Get Happy kit although I need more Glee Radiance like a hole in the head. The Royal Treatment will be mine as well.
    I also need to restock myself with the RM skin care stuff. I ran out a while ago and haven’t been able to afford to replace any of it! Gonna try the neck cream and the eye cream too!

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