My Bare Escentuals Regimen

I get a lot of questions about what I use daily.. and how, and when.  I will say this is just my way that I’ve found works best for me.  Everyone developes their own routine that works best for them, this is just one example from one BE user.  =)

For starters, I would say I have a normal/oily skintype.  I tend to get oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and hormonal breakouts around “that time”.  I use to have redness on one cheek after cleansing, but since I started using the Renew & Reveal Cleanser that has since gone away.  My “problem” areas include:  dark eye circles, redness around my nose (which is think from what I’ve heard are broken cappilaries), red marks left behind from a couple breakouts, and hyperpigmentation on one cheek.

But let’s dive into my routine!

1.  A good cleansing.  I use BE’s Renew and Reveal cleanser with my Clarisonic.  (Although it’s not a BE product, I cannot say enough about what an amazing product the Clarisonic is.  Seriously.  Skin changing device.  Worth every penny.)  I also use the Purifying liquid cleanser from BE.  Currently it’s only available from QVC.  I love both cleansers, please see my blog post about the cleansers I posted recently for more on the cleansers.

2.  Skin Rev-ver Upper.  Here’s a little secret, recently I ran out of this, and didn’t replace it.  I wondered if it was REALLY necessary that I was using it everyday.  The same time I stopped using it, I began getting major breakouts on my chin.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  One day while going through my BE “overstock” I ran across a bottle of Rev-ver Upper I forgot I had, and promptly began using it again.  My skin immediately cleared up.  I won’t ever go without this again.  I use 1.5 pumps, and make sure to apply to my forehead, nose, and chin area first.  The majority of the product goes to those areas with the excess going to my cheeks. 

3.  Wrinkle Plumping Concentrate.  I got a sample of this in San Francisco at the Master Class and fell in love with it.  Unfortunately, I’m out now and can’t afford to buy more right now.  I really do love it though, it made my face so smooth.  One pump was good for me.

4.  Bare Escentuals Moisturizer.  A must have for me.  My skin has never looked better.  Here in Alaska, our air can be very dry and this has hydrated my skin beautifully.  It’s looks rejuvinated, youthful, and soft.  I use about a pump and a half.

5.  PrimeTime for Eyes.  I apply my PTE now, giving the moisturizer a little extra time to set before using my Face Primer.  I don’t really need to, but I’ve found this order of things works for me.  I apply my PTE with a Maximum Concealer Brush.  I used to use my finger, but the brush gives me a much better application.  I feel it’s more even and smoothed out using the brush.  For me, this is another non-negotiable product.  Want your shadows to look their best and last ALL day?  You need this.  I seriously can’t be without this product.

6.  PrimeTime for Face.  For more on the importance of Primers, you can check out my “Of Prime Importance” post.  As with the eye primer, this is non-negotiable.  It smoothes out my scar, and fills in any nooks and crannies before putting on my foundation.  I also find by using a face primer I use less foundation.  Want your makeup to looks it’s best?  Need Primetime.  =)  I use one pump, it goes a loooooong ways.

7.  Bisque to conceal.  Yup, another non-negotiable.  I don’t know what I’d do without this.  It covers the red around my nose, any blemishes I may have, any redness.. I find I go into a Bisque trance when using it.. lol.  For my skintone, I use Original Bisque.  For application, I use the Maximum Coverage Concealer brush.

8.  Application of Foundation.  I switch around the brushes I use to apply my foundation.  Right now my brush of choice is the Handy Buki.  Love it!  I use Golden Fair foundation after being color-matched by Bravon in SF.  Previously I was using Fairly Light, although I can also wear Fair.  I really think the Golden Fair is my perfect match though.  I buff for about 5 minutes, starting with the areas I want more coverage.  Usually my cheeks and then I work down to my chin.  If I feel I need a little more coverage, I tap a teeny bit out and buff all over again.  If I’m having a bad skin day, I will go over any blemishes or anything with a bit of foundation on the Maximum Coverage Concealer brush.  It’s really good for post-concealing.

9.  I then do my eyes.  Shadows, liner, mascara.

10.  Next is cheeks.  I will say using Radiances for blush is one of my favorite things.  Glee Radiance is one of my new faves, and Bare Radiance gives me a great glow.  Who am I kidding!?  I love ALL the Radiances and use at least one everyday in my look.

11.  Lips.  Buxom Lipstick, Buxom, 100% Natural Lipgloss, or BE Lipstick.  I usually use 1 or more of these in a combination.

12.  My final step is Mineral Veil.  I’ve found Hydrating MV makes my skin look the best, but I use all of the MV’s depending on the makeup I’m wearing that day.  Tinted is good if I’m going for a beachy/sun goddess look.  Illuminating is good for a dewy-finish.  Tinted Illuminating is excellent in the summer months.  Mineral Veil is essential for completing and pulling together your look.  It “sets” everything and gives you that flawless finish. 

At night

1.  Wash Face

2.  Moisturizer

3.  BE Eye Cream (amazing!)

4.  BE Neck Cream (double amazing!)

5.  Rare Minerals Night Treatment in Light.  New packaging is coming this month from QVC, which I love because I empty out the old packaging and use a Flawless Face Brush to buff this product on.

I hope some find this helpful, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I may add more to this as I think of more tips or tricks.  I can’t say enough about how Bare Escentuals has not only changed my skin, but my self esteem and confidence.  I’m a BE life’er.  ❤


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