Fab Fresh.. another great Face Fashion set

I recently reviewed the Urban Vibe set, that just recently came out. This is the Face Fashion set that was released this Spring, and is another of my personal faves (then again, I have yet to meet a FF set I didn’t love). I love the Face Fashion sets for so many reasons, mostly because they’re a great value and it’s nice getting the makeup trends of the moment all in one place, put together nicely without having to figure it out on your own.  Plus they’re excellent for traveling.

In addition to the set, I used the following items:

  1. Regular BE Skincare Regimen
  2. Original Bisque to conceal
  3. Foundation in Golden Fair
  4. Suede  Buxom Lashliner (tighlined lower waterline)
  5. Buxom Mascara in Black
  6. Las Vegas Buxom Lipstick  (I substituted the Las Vegas for the Strawberry Shortcake lipgloss because I had left it in my car and was too lazy to go retrieve it, lol)
  7. Regular Mineral Veil

This kit can be purchased at BE’s website here:  Face Fashion: Fab Fresh

It is currently available from Sephora here:  Face Fashion: Fab Fresh

These are the greatest little kits to give as gifts too.. I really recommend these to everyone.  They’re perfect. 

Face Fashion: Fab Fresh

How-To for Fab Fresh

Contents: Lilac Vibe e/s, Blushing Bronze e/s, Wild Jungle liner, Azalea Blush, and Strawberry Shortcake 100% Natural Lipgloss

Face Fashion: Fab Fresh

Face Fashion: Fab Fresh

Face Fashion: Fab Fresh

Face Fashion: Fab Fresh

Face Fashion: Fab Fresh

Face Fashion: Fab Fresh


4 Responses to “Fab Fresh.. another great Face Fashion set”

  1. Romelyn Diaz Says:

    You look amazing Kesha! I have this one too and I love it 😉

  2. Romelyn Diaz Says:

    by the way, does the buxom lashliners last on the waterline? i have problems with liner just melting off my face.

    • Yes! If I had one complaint about them, it’s how hard they are to get OFF the waterline, lol. I’ve been using a Q-tip w/remover to get it off. Everyone’s eyes are different, but I find it sticks like glue. Super glue. =)

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