Give Yourself The Royal Treatment

Okay.. so anyone who saw the presentation for this one, saw how pretty it looked.  I know it’s going to be hard to believe, but it’s even prettier in person!  Crown is an amazing cerulean blue that I can’t really describe very well, other than GORGEOUS.  The set was modeled after a ring Leslie picked up in New Orleans a few years back on the BE Getaway weekend.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend that event, but I feel like I have a little bit of NOLA with this kit. 

I will do a look with this one tomorrow and post pics, but for now…. here are some teaser pics and swatches.  🙂

The set didn’t sell out and is still available from QVC.  Once it’s gone though, it’s gone as this is a QVC Exclusive. 

You can purchase here:  The Royal Treatment  28.00 for two exclusive, full size colors AND a lipgloss is a fantastic value.

The Royal Treatment - Inspired by Leslie's beautiful ring

Beignet 100% Natural Lipgloss, King e/s, and Crown e/s

The Royal Treatment How-To

King Eyecolor - this has a beautiful sheen to it

Crown Eyecolor - simply stunning

King and Crown Swatches

King and Crown Swatches

Beignet 100% Natural Lipgloss

I can’t wait to wear this one tomorrow!


4 Responses to “Give Yourself The Royal Treatment”

  1. Apriltini Says:

    I swear those eyeshadow names should be reversed. It really bothers me.

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