Radiances.. the secret to beautifully luminous skin

I love radiances!  I try to use at least one everyday.  They make my skin appear dewy, youthful, luminous.. I could go on and on.  I’ve taken pictures of all my radiances to compare and contrast them to each other.. (I just realized I forgot Warm Radiance, I’ll add that one later).  These are perfect for the person who’s a little blush shy, but still wants some “oomph” to their look.  They’re perfect for highlighting eyes, cheeks.. everything.  I like to use them over and under blushes to give a “lit from within” look.  For me, radiances are non-negotiable.  I really do love them all. 

Here are just a few reasons and ways I use the different ones:

Clear Radiance:  Beautiful highlighter or to use for a blush when you don’t want to appear to be using blush, lol.  I use this a lot if I do a retro-look w/dark lashes/liner and red lips.  I good amount of this as blush gives you that dewy pinup appearance.

Bare Radiance:  If doing a brown/neutral eye look, this is my perfect blush.  Just ties everything together beautifully.  This one’s also nice if doing a beachy/I’m-not-wearing-makeup look.

Tropical Radiance:  Beautiful for a summer look.  Over or under a blush it gives you that :I’ve been out in the sun only not really look”.

Glee Radiance:  My new favorite.  This is simply gorgeous with just about everything.  I think it’s the exact color I turn when I blush, or am super happy.  It’s just beautiful.  You can snag this one right now in the Get Happy set at QVC.   If I recommended one radiance for everyone, it would be this one.  I truly hope BE makes it availabe open stock in the future. 

Rose Radiance:  The perfect soft-pink “blush”.  I use this one a lot if I’m doing a “pink look”.  Or even with soft neutrals.. it’s just the right amount of pink color.  Prior to the release of Glee Radiance, this was pretty much my favorite.

Flawless Radiance:  This is the perfect all-over radiance!  I use it above my eyebrows to “lift” a look, to highlight my cheekbones, as eyeshadow.. seriously, this one they need to make in a big daddy tub.  This is another one I’d recommend to everyone because it has so many uses and is so darn pretty.  It’s that secret weapon in a look that just makes your face pop.  You know, that look that people see and go.. “wow!  That’s pretty!” 

I could rave on and on about the others too.. but these are my top ones.  I really do adore them all though.  If you have any questions on where to find a particular radiance, just ask.  Some of them were exclusive to sets that came out last year.. others are readily available from BE online or in their boutiques and other BE retailers.

Bare, Champagne, Citrine, and Clear Radiances

Flawless, Glee, Healthy, and Love Radiances

Pure, Rose, Ruby, and Secret Radiances

Tropical Radiance

Again, I forgot Warm Radiance, but I’ll try to get that one uploaded tomorrow.  =)


8 Responses to “Radiances.. the secret to beautifully luminous skin”

  1. I LOVE Flawless radiance!! It’s so neutral and works for everyone!

  2. Flawless Radiance is my favorite.

  3. I ‘found’ my Love radiance today too! It’s SOOO pretty!! I think I like it better than Glee Radiance!

  4. I didn’t know there was a Ruby radiance…that is sooo pretty!

  5. I use Ruby Radiance instead of a blush every single day. If I ever find more, I’ll but it! I think it was only available in the Ruby kit.

    If you hear any different, let me know.


    • Will do! So far I think it’s still exclusive to that Ruby set.. I really hope someday it makes another appearance or shows up in open stock. I have you entered too. =)

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