Sephora’s Having a BE Sale!

Don’t miss your chance to score some great deals on kits that are no longer readily available.  Some really good loot here.

Sephora’s BE Sale

Here’s a list of my faves currently available on sale (9:50pm, Friday, August 20th):

  1. Buxom Betty (If I had the money, I’d get a couple more of these.. one of my fave sets)
  2. Sweet Decadence (the perfect gift)
  3. Crash Course (Gossip eyecolor in this one is only available in this set)
  4. Free to Be: Naturally Adventurous (adorable bag, and LOVE the Dare liner shadow in this one)
  5. Flower Girl Buxom Babes (okay, who doesn’t love Buxoms.. and sale Buxoms at that?)

My experience with these sales is once the word is out, stuff sells out quickly, then it becomes VERY hard to find that coveted set.. so if you want something you see… I wouldn’t wait.  🙂


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