Big, Bright, and Bold 4-piece Collection

This is another kit that I’ve had and am just now using. I’m pretty sure I have a new favorite purple eyeshadow color. Vivid is GORGEOUS! Seriously, my new favorite purple. And Limelight is so soft and pretty. Gotta say, BE hit another homerun with this one. Great value, beautiful shades. I’m smitten.  Oh!  The Indigo liner is another must-have.  It ties the entire kit together so beautifully.

Here’s a look I did with the kit today and the other items I paired with it…

  1. BE Skincare Routine
  2. Original Bisque to conceal
  3. Foundation in Golden Fair
  4. Heaven Blush
  5. Suede Buxom Lashliner (tightlined lower waterline)
  6. Buxom Mascara in Black
  7. Havana Buxom Lipstick
  8. Clair Buxom
  9. Hydrating Mineral Veil

This kit can still be purchased from QVC here:  Big, Bright, and Bold

Bare also has it available here:  Big, Bright, and Bold

Limelight e/s, Vivid e/s, Indigo liner, and Tapered Shadow Brush

Big, Bright, and Bold How-To


10 Responses to “Big, Bright, and Bold 4-piece Collection”

  1. Sandy (Pickles45) Says:

    This is the best application of this kit that I have seen. I hesitated to buy this one because I thought the colors would be bolder than I like. Pairing this kit with the Heaven blush and Havana Buxom lips gives it the right balance. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Absolutely BEautiful kesha! Love the combo for the lips, too 🙂
    I was unable to get this kit but did trade for the Indigo liner, it’s such a pretty color! Thanks for posting yet another pretty look, look forward to seeing another one 🙂

    • Thanks Laura! If you could score some Viviv somewhere, do it! I really think it’s the most fantastic purple ever. It’s everything I wanted In a Jam to be, and more. =)

  3. I too love this kit Kesha!!
    I definately am in love with it and I have been using it almost everyday now! I really like this kit with your lippie combo too! Goes great!

    • Thanks Melissa! I was really at a loss on what lips to pair with it, and I sort of felt they were a little too dark so I’m really glad to hear the compliments on them. Maybe next time I’ll try the San Francisco Buxom Lipstick.. or Ripe Fig lipstick. Don’t you just loooooove Vivid?!

  4. LOVELY!! I got matched as a Golden Fair at the QV stop on Sunday! I’d previously been wearing Fairly light. THE MU artist told me I needed the yellow in the golden fair to counteract the redness on my cheeks. The MU artist also did NOT know who Bravon is!!

    • Blasphemy! Didn’t know who Bravon was? lol… did you check their temperature, lol. He matched me as Golden Fair in San Francisco (I was previously FL too).. and I LOVE the difference it’s made. I never thought I looked “bad” before, but I didn’t think I could look this good either. I am eternally grateful for his expertise.

  5. I did it with Limelight lash to brow, Vivid in crease and Wildflower in the inner corner today, lined with indigo liner all the way arround and it looks so nice! I did a picture but the beauty didnt get captured.

    • Oh my goodness.. I bet Vivid looks awesome with Wildflower. I really do think it’s become my new favorite purple. I’ll have to try your look.. it sounds gorgeous.

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