My 15 Minutes.. lol.

I was PM’ed tonight by Bravon to let me know that the Master Class promotional video is up on the Bare Escentuals website. Oh my goodness! At the getaway in San Francisco, Leslie invited me to be the model the next morning for the MC. I was a little freaked out to have to come without makeup, but who’s going to tell Leslie no, plus.. who would give up the opportunity to have Bravon himself do their makeup?! Talk about a two-fer, lol. Anyway.. I’m going to attempt to post the promotion video straight to my blog here. A big thanks to “Bond” for helping me with this. 😉

I couldn’t get it to embed.. so here’s the link: Master Class Promo


10 Responses to “My 15 Minutes.. lol.”

  1. OMG…awesome promo! I am so hoping that I can come up with the money in time to attend the one in SC 2012. Thanks for posting this Kesha and thanks to “Bond” for help you 🙂 ♥

  2. Look at you Kesha!!! Yeah, you’re kind of a big deal…..but I already knew that ;}

  3. Love it Kesha! You looked BEautiful!!

  4. Love it! I wished I had that opportunity to have seen you at the M.C. in S.F.
    Bravon & Leslie they are just a amazing . I hope I get to see both of them together again real soon. 🙂

  5. Apriltini Says:

    I saw myself in there. Just a quick glimpse, and very blurry, but I is there! lol

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