Old School Face Fashion: BE Real

When trying to decide what to wear today, my eyes landed on this one, and I knew I needed to give it some love.  This is the very first “Face Fashion” set, before they were even called Face Fashion sets.  I fell in love with it the minute I bought it, and hoped they would come out with more.  From this, thank goodness, the Face Fashions were born. 

Here’s what I used in addition to the set:

  1. BE Skincare Routine
  2. Brightening PrimeTime Primer (only available from QVC in the REthink collection)
  3. Original Bisque to conceal
  4. Foundation in Golden Fair
  5. Suede Buxom Lashliner
  6. Buxom Mascara in Black
  7. Skipper Buxom (substituted for the old formula lipgloss that came in the kit)
  8. Hydrating Mineral Veil

You can no longer buy this kit online as it came out in 2007, although you can purchase the First Class set from Bare Escentuals.com (if you wait until tomorrow from 5-9pm, you can get 20% off with the code: GLAMMY :)).  This includes both the Real Deal and Exquisite eyecolors and First Class blush.  You can then buy the Legit liner powder seperately here:  Legit Liner.  Again, wait until tomorrow and get it for 20% off. 

BE Real Collection

BE Real How-To

Exquisite and Real Deal eyeshadows, Legit liner shadow, and First Class Blush

BE Real Collection

BE Real Collection

BE Real Collection

BE Real Collection

BE Real Collection

BE Real Collection

BE Real Collection


3 Responses to “Old School Face Fashion: BE Real”

  1. Sandy (Pickles45) Says:

    Love this set. I was able to snag one on ebay about three months ago for $25.00 including s/h. Finally, greens Ican wear.

  2. You look great Kesha wearing this combo. I have all the colors in single jars, but have been wanting to buy the kit just because I like the box! 🙂

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