Triple Berry Bliss: Sweet Obsessions

So today I decided to break out a kit that I got awhile ago, but have neglected to use.  I know, I know.. bad addict!  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to use it.  It’s so soft and romantic.  I think it epitomizes everything that’s wonderful about being a girl.  This look came from the tip card that came in the collection.. I’m going to include a picture of it.

I’m not sure where you can still get this set.. it may show up at the outlets or maybe in one of BE’s online sales.  If you can get your hands on it, snatch it up!  These three colors alone are worth it, lol.

Here’s everything I used in my look:

  1. BE Skincare Routine
  2. Original Bisque to conceal
  3. Foundation in Golden Fair
  4. Strawberry Mousse (dry) lash to brow
  5. Berry Custard (dry) outer 1/3 and into the crease
  6. Wetlined upper lashline w/Berry Flambe
  7. Drylined lower lashline w/Berry Flame
  8. Tightlined lower waterline w/Suede Buxom Lashliner
  9. Buxom Mascara in Black
  10. Irresistable Blush
  11. French Pastry 100% Natural Lipstick
  12. Misty Buxom
  13. Gossamer to highlight cheekbones
  14. Finished w/Regular Mineral Veil

Again.. if you can find this one… I highly recommend it!

Sweet Obsessions

Sweet Obsessions

Triple Berry Bliss

Sweet Obsessions: Triple Berry Bliss

Sweet Obsessions: Triple Berry Bliss

Sweet Obsessions: Triple Berry Bliss

Sweet Obsessions: Triple Berry Bliss

Sweet Obsessions: Triple Berry Bliss

Sweet Obsessions: Triple Berry Bliss

Sweet Obsessions: Triple Berry Bliss

Sweet Obsessions: Triple Berry Bliss

Sweet Obsessions: Triple Berry Bliss

Thanks for following.. I’m getting really excited for the Master Class coming up in a little over a week!  I’ll be taking my laptop and blogging from Anchorage.. I hope to have lots of great news to report.  =)


8 Responses to “Triple Berry Bliss: Sweet Obsessions”

  1. Kesha,
    These colors look incredible on you! I have not pulled this out in forever either. Thanks for reminding me. I am looking forward to reading about your Master Class.

    • Thanks Christina! I think I’m gonna try the other “looks” from the tip card sometime this week.. I love that they put that little card in there, makes it a lot easier to figure out where to put what, lol. I can’t wait until the MC.. I really hope they have the Rockstar set out and some of the holiday newness. I’m gonna try to snap pictures and swatch what I can.. =)

  2. You are so Blessed with BEauty and Brains Kesha! Thank you so much for always showing me what a dope I’ve BEen, when I’ve failed to order Gorgeous kits my sweet, and then I get to enjoy them on you, you BEautiful Doll, and smile at the BEauty you radiate, love,love,love! You my dear always put a smile on my face and happiness in my heart, I thank you everyday! Your BE-Forever-Friend, Marie

    • Marie.. you are so sweet with your kind words. ❤ One of these days we're gonna have to meet and hang out. BE brings these back out every now and then for their special sales and it may end up at the outlets, so don't give up hope that you could get this one. =)

  3. OMG I love these colors on you!! I never got this kit & am still kicking myself. I really dig the wet lined Berry Flambe and the tightlining of the black liner. I may have to try that look today as it looks supremely cool. I’ll post pictures on my blog so you can see it. I’ll call it “Kesha’s Inspiration”!

    • Oooh cool! =) I think Berry Flambe may be my new favorite purple liner too.. it’s sooo pretty. And it really reads “purple”, which I like. And the Lashliners.. well shoot, I don’t know what I ever did before them, lol. BE *needs* to make some more. I’d love a green one..

  4. I love this set!! It’s been forever since I pulled it out…gotta do that soon. And your shirt is stinkin’ cute!!!

    • LOL.. thanks! It’s from Aeropostale.. I love that store. Probably 90% of my clothes are from there. =) I think the Mint look from that kit would look so awesome on you. I love you in greens. =)

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