BareMinerals Tutorial Library!

Okay.. this is REALLY cool!  It’s not active yet, but it should be soon since it’s up on the site.  I think this is pretty awesome.  I love all these Tutorial sets, and the chance to get all these at once, just awesome. 

The library includes the following Tutorial sets:  Smoky V, Foiled Eye, Rocker Eye, and Eye Lining Tutorials.  Each set usually retails for 32.00 so at 85.00 for all 4, well.. you can see what a great deal it is.  When it goes “live”.. I’ll post again.  =)

Here’s the link:  Tutorial Library – Sephora Exclusive

Tutorial Library


4 Responses to “BareMinerals Tutorial Library!”

  1. i emailed sephora about this collection and they told me it has been discontinued.. (which i do not understand because this is the first time i’ve seen it on their site) they recommended Sweet Decadence…NOT the same..I really wanted this set!! =(

    • Holly.. don’t believe them. It just went up this last Wednesday, and it saying “out of stock” is there was of having a place holder for it. I’m guessing this next Wednesday it will go “live”. When it does, I’ll be sure to update the blog post. does this regularly with items that aren’t available yet… they did it will all the Buxom pups, and most things that are new. =)

      • I went to the store on Monday and I saw the signs for it. I asked the sales rep about it and she said she didn’t know what it was for. I had to explain that it was for the 4 kits! lol!! Sooo!! I’m checking every day now, this is too good of a deal to pass up!

    • Holly! It’s active!

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