ReThink Your Comfort Zone

I did this look the other day, and as I was doing it.. I couldn’t help but think how much, through BE, I’ve expanded my makeup horizons.  I would have never in a millon years thought I’d wear an eyeshadow by the name of “Black Ice”, not to mention pairing it with a hot pink eyeshadow.  I challenge everyone to “think outside the box” and not be afraid to have FUN with their makeup.  I love how this turned out… and if I’d been afraid to try it, well.. it never would have happened.  Even with all my Buxoms, I couldn’t find the “perfect” color, so I made my own.  I mixed Beautiful Lisa with Dominique Buxom and bam!  Victory!  I wish I had a full size one because the color’s sooo pretty.

Anywho.. here’s my Rethink Your Comfort Zone look:

  • BE Skincare Routine
  • Original Bisque to conceal
  • Foundation in Golden Fair
  • Dove (dry) lash to crease
  • Black Ice (foiled) all over the lid
  • Beautiful Lisa (foiled) outer 1/3 of lid
  • Beautiful Lisa (dry) buffed into the crease
  • Leatherette Buxom Lashliner upper and lower lashline
  • Beautiful Lisa (dry) outer lower lashline
  • Buxom Mascara in Black
  • Pink Ice Blush
  • Dominique Buxom mixed w/Beautiful Lisa for lips
  • Regular MV to finish

Live on the wild side.  Take a chance with your makeup, lol.


6 Responses to “ReThink Your Comfort Zone”

  1. Sandy (Pickles45) Says:

    Fantastic job, as always. I never would have thought these colors together would be so pretty. Love the lip color. Maybe you should submit this combo to Leslie and another Buxom will be born.

    • I totally thought about doing that Sandy.. it really was pretty, and with all the Buxoms I have.. it was still unique. I love that whatever you add to the Dominique, you get a Diamond Buxom.

  2. Methinks your rethink is stunning! I agree, it is so much fun to experiment with BE. And joining together with others to see the results is a blast, too. Thanks for sharing again, K.

  3. I’ve been learning that my “comfort” zone was boring and have been playing with more color, too! The look you created is stunning and absolutely BEautiful on you Kesha♥

  4. I like this look! 🙂

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