Upcoming Rethink Auto-Delivery Info! Hot off the press!

I just received this as I’m trying to walk out the door, but wanted to make sure I posted quick.  Here’s the info. for the next 2 Rethink AutoDelivery shipments.  🙂

Big, HUGE, giant thanks to Leslie for having Nada get back to me.. and big thanks Nada too!  I’ll post again when I hit Anchorage. 

Yay for newness!

Rethink Continuity 1:
M bareMinerals Foundation
Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer
Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer
New Inspire Eyecolor
New Flourish Blush
New Slate Big & Bright Eyeliner
New 100% Natural Lipgloss in Peach Cobbler
Wet/Dry Shadow Brush
Soft Sweep Cheek Brush

Rethink Continuity 2:
M bareMinerals Foundation
Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer
Prime Time Brightening Pearl Eyelid Primer
New Alive Eyecolor
New Vivacious Blush
Plum Big & Bright Eyeliner
New 100% Natural Lipgloss in Lollipop
Blending Brush
Angled Face Brush


30 Responses to “Upcoming Rethink Auto-Delivery Info! Hot off the press!”

  1. Tonya Pruett Says:

    Thanks Kesha. 🙂 Do you think the brightening eye primer will be the same color as AD #1?

  2. Mandy - LemonKitti Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this!!!!
    I am sort of bummed tho…..I was really hoping for different primers this time, but the regular brightening is still awesome…I guess we will all have to wait till next time to try the new one.
    Thanks again!

  3. Sandy (Pickles45) Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I can’t wait to see these colors. I’m not crazy about the foundation primer, too runny, but I can live with it. Hope you have a great time in Anchorage.

    • Hey Mandy :),

      About the Brightening Primer being runny, if you open up the bottle and use the straw part of the top you can scoop it up and use it that way, it’s not runny AT ALL in the bottle 😀 Hope this helps!

    • Sandy, I have found that with this primer you need to shake it vigorously to properly blend it. Once you do that, it has a great consistency. Sucks you have to blend it so much, but maybe they’re working on that.

  4. Thank you very much Kesha (and Nada), the new colors sound amazing! I was also hoping to get the new brightening colors in the next kits, the pearl one sounds right up my alley…sadly, I cannot purchase the new brightening duo 😦
    Hoping that all goes well and I can at least get the next 2 ReThink kits!

  5. Yay! Thanks soooo much Kesha! I really appreciate it :). I bookmarked this page ^.^. Your blog is awesome girl, keep up the great work =D

  6. Shirley-sjkitty Says:

    Thank you for posting this information. I have already added these new eye colors to my personal spreadsheet in Excel. Wow is there a lot of newness coming in the next few months, just like last year.

  7. Funky Friday for me until I read this! Thank you so much for keeping up in the loop, K! Smooches!

  8. Thanks Keisha for the info. I am really looking forward to these new kits now!!

  9. Thanks for the great news! Can’t wait to get the pearl eye primer. Do you happen to know any details about the texture of the eye colors? Just wondering if they are glimmer, glimpse or matte. I’m always hoping for more mattes…esp. since the primer is so brightening!

  10. Thanks SOOOOO much for this update. Leslie mentioned we should ‘shake’ the primer everytime we use it (I heard it just a few minutes ago during the presentation) I gave it to my sister so the next one I’m going to try 🙂

    • At the MC today, Bravon said he and Leslie both suggest warming up your primer first too. I think this is probably more necessary with the Original Formula, but I’m going to with this one too. He said warming it up in your hand and then applying it makes it absorb into the skin rather than just sitting on top of it. He’s just so full of useful info. lol.

  11. Thanks Kesha. Hope the Master Class was awesome! xoxo

  12. Sandy Howell Says:

    I was excited to read this post! Thank you!

  13. thank you, kesha for the fresh info.. am looking forward to them even more now ! 🙂


  15. Thank you so much for sharing this with us (and Leslie and Nada too!). I love my first kit and had been curious to learn what was going to be included. Really looking forward to them now.

    Wanted to also say how much I appreciated your sharing your BE storages ideas on Facebook. I put together my own Plano kit. May not be the most glamorous-looking but it works really well 🙂

  16. Thanks for the info Kesha! Im not on the AD however I will be on the lookout for the new colors and B&B liners =)

  17. yeah!!! They both sound so great! I’ve put myself on a BE spending freeze, but this so doesn’t count since it’s AD…At least that’s how I rationalize it to myself. Can’t wait for the pearl eye primer in 2011!

    • I’m so excited for the Pearl Primer.. it looked so pretty when they showed it this weekend. And yes, AD’s don’t qualify for “spending freezes”. 😉 It was money spent prior to the freeze. 😉

  18. oh. so. excited!!!!!!!!

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