My Master Class Musings… Part 2

Yay!!  It’s class day!  We started by waking up at 8 am.  Class was at 11, but I was hoping to be there about 10:15 or so.  I was pretty tired from the drive the day before and not getting much sleep, so I was pretty slow moving.  I decided to go with the outfit I had brought, and the Classic Glam Face Fashion set.  Hubby and I got ready, fed Gabe.. and headed out. 

We got to Nordies about 10:45, and when I walked up to the counter to check-in, Colleen was there to greet me.  =)  About 5 minutes later by friend Stephanie from Homer walked up.  We all had a good time talking, complimenting each others outfits, playing with Gabe while we waited to be taken upstairs for the class.  It was Vicki who appeared to take us up, and she was so sweet when she saw me.  More big hugs.  We traveled as a group upstairs to where the MC room was, and when we got there, Colleen, Stephanie, and I decided it would be best to sit up front.  We ended up with a great table for taking pictures and notes.  =) 

At each of our tables were boxes for each of us, a pink and brown canvas BE bag hanging on the backs of our chairs, Bravon’s look, and the Beauty Look Books.  I took pictures:

Our place settings.

The Menu.

Lunch. Yum.

Treats. Double Yum.

Our other goodies..

Once everyone was there, Vicki began the class by introducing herself, and surprised me by introducing ME too, lol.  She asked me to stand up, and referred to me as, “their BE mascot, that also has a BE blog”.  I wasn’t really prepared for the introduction, but I stood up and smiled, lol.  Bravon then started by also giving a brief introduction as to how he came to work for BE, and his background before joining the BE team.  He also gave me a little shoutout, lol.

We were then introduced to his model, Mary Ruth.  She was a super sweet lady, I had a chance to talk to her afterwards downstairs.  She found out she was going to be his model that morning when she checked-in for the class.  I love the makeup he did for her, she looked so amazing afterwards.  I wish I had a before and after close up, you might be able to tell from my progression pictures, hopefully it shows up.  Now that I look at my pics, I don’t think I got a good after.. my bad.  😦

Here’s a few shots…

Vicki. ❤

Bravon showing the Beauty Look Book

The Beauty Look Book

Mary Ruth.. the lucky model. =)

Bravon showing us the proper amount of Foundation.

Buff, Buff, Buff

Application of Warmth

I took TONS of notes during the presentation.. I think I’ll save that for Part 3.


15 Responses to “My Master Class Musings… Part 2”

  1. Ah, Kesha, thank you so much for sharing your trip! I just love reading about everything (but so sorry to hear Gabe had a bit of a tough time.)

    Someday I want to meet Bravon <3!

    • I have something for you. =) You’ll have to PM me your address over at MM again. Pretty sure I have it in my file, but it may require a treasure hunt to find it and I’m not feeling very pirate-y today, lol.

  2. This is “Fabulous” loving your experience, wishing I had my own, thank you again for always sharing! Oh, and as far as boring, Never Never boring my sweet friend!!! Love the Pics, too……………………………….

  3. Looks like it was fun! I want to meet Bravon someday too! Hopefully at the next Girls Getaway weekend!

    So what goodies did you get? I’d really love to see how much foundation was in the lid that Bravon is holding up…I’m thinking I use too much because at the end of the day…it’s settled into my pores and looks horrible..but if I don’t use that much I don’t feel like I get enough coverage. I’ve been watching Leslie this weekend and she doesn’t put much in the lid either. I didn’t pay attention to how much foundation the MU used at the QV stop…

    • Aw shoot, I wish I had a better picture for you. It really wasn’t that much. I think the key is to buff, buff, buff. One of his other tips that I’m going to include in Part 3 was how important it is to WARM up your Primer prior to application. He said it’s a vital step, it allows the Primer to absorb into the skin rather than just sitting on top of it. 1-2 pumps of Primer in your hands, rub them together, then apply. Then buff, buff, buff. He also recommended the Heavenly Face Brush for application. I’ve found with some of the brushes I get “too much” too. Have you tried switching up your brush. Oh! and I find that if I’ve “forgotten” (ie: been to lazy) to wash my brushes, I can get the same thing too.

      • Today I used much less foundation. So far so good. Will have to break out the Heavenly Face brush. Good thing I have a nice stash of those 😉 Will have to try the primer trick.

  4. Your description of the MC is yummy…just like that gorgeous box of goodies. : ) Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of this, Kesha. You’re the BEST!!!

  5. Kesha, thanks so much for this awesome blog. You make us feel as though we were there. 😉

    Did you happen to remember to ask Bravon if there were any plans for a MC in GA?

    • I did! Well, I talked to Vicki since she’s the Event Coordinator. She said she doesn’t have a firm schedule in place for this upcoming year, but that she’d make a mental note on that one. She seemed quite open to the possibility.

  6. Kesha, I’m so happy everything went so well! And just for the record, you’ve given me yet another reason to ♥ you…you took pics of the food! Oh, and yeah…loving the “BE Mascot / BE Blog” comment! I’m totally gushing over the fact that I know you! Groupie Love, Girlfriend!

  7. Kesha, I couldn’t wait to read your report from the master class. I am going to the Philly class & can’t wait, so this is a perfect way for me to get “geared-up”! I’m really looking foreward to the next instalments, so keep them coming! Thanks, Robin
    PS-Gabe is adorable!

  8. Thanks Kesha, your details make me feel as though I was sitting right there with you (wish I really was!) and in the front row to boot! I loved all your pics…yes, I do BElieve everyone takes pics of their food and loved that you included the menu too LOL How awesome to meet Colleen there and I’m glad you could experience this together 🙂

    I’m all excited to read part 3 now!!!

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