Anchorage Master Class Tricks and Trips

I took a LOT of notes during Bravon’s presentation at the Master Class.  I never think that even though I’ve been using BE for many years, that I can’t learn something new.  I love hearing new tips and tricks.  And who better to learn from than the master.  =)

Here’s what I wrote down to share with y’all…

  • Always warm up your Primers and Moisturizers.  Pump/squirt out into the palm of your hand and rub them together prior to application.  He said this is the creme de la creme of tips, and that a lot of makeup artists keep this little secret to themselves.  Sort of how a magician doesn’t share their secrets.  The idea behind warming it up is that is becomes the same temperature as your skin, and thus will absorb better.  If it goes on cold onto a warm face, it will just sit on the surface of the skin.  With the Primer too, it’s important not to use too much.  1-2 pumps is all you should need.  He says you should feel as if you’re not applying anything on your face.  You also need to warm up your Eye Primer.. he recommended using your thumb and forefinger, and then patting it on with your finger.  I use a brush and warm it up by squirting a bit onto my palm and running the brush over it.
  • Gold and Yellow basetones in Foundation will counteract redness.  Bravon says that BE infuses ALL their foundations with gold/yellow tones and that’s one reason it covers as well as it does.  He mentioned most companies use pink under/basetones in their foundations, which is why they look “weird”.
  • He touched on the importance of the lids on all the BE products.  They truly are special and designed to work hand in hand with the products.
  • When buffing on your Foundation, make sure to buff, buff, buff.  Use circular motions, and work from the outer part of the face in.  Think hairline to nose.  With BE, your complexion will actually look better as the foundation “sets”.  He says it takes about 10 minutes to see the full magic.. so if you think you’re not seeing the coverage you want, just be patient.  It’s part of the magic of BE.  He did say you don’t have to sit there and stare at the mirror for 10 minutes waiting.. but that it will look better after about this amount of time.  I do my foundation, and then go to my eyecolors.  If after doing my eyes I think I need more coverage, I’ll go back and buff on a teensy bit more.
  • After hearing what Bravon had to said about concealing, I’ve been converted from a pre-concealer, to a post-concealer.  The reasoning behind this is if you do all your Bisque concealing, and THEN buff on your foundation, you can actually buff away all the concealer you put on.  In regards to Bisque and under eye concealing, he recommends patting on the Bisque, rather than swiping.  He said swiping can actually cause the Bisque to settle into any fine lines/wrinkles, so to avoid swiping.  Pat, pat, pat.  After foundation.  =)  If it appears too light, or “off”, you can always dip your Maximum Concealer Brush into a teeny bit of Foundation, go over the Bisque area, and then blend out.
  • The Maximum Coverage FACE Brush.  The brush EVERY woman needs.  He actually said he was going to come down and check all our bags and make sure we had one.  He used this brush to post conceal with foundation by swirling and tapping it and then pressing, and rolling the foundation on to conceal.  Press the foundation into the area to conceal, roll the brush, and then flip it over to the clean side, and blend it out.  It was a pressing, rolling motion.  I hope that makes sense.  =)
  • Warmth.  Everyone needs to use Warmth.  Don’t be afraid of it.  Use the teeniest, tiniest amount.  If you actually tap the top of the jar with the end of a brush, and just use the powder/dust left in the lid afterwards, that’s a good amount.  Bravon says the Flawless Application Face Brush is the best brush to apply Warmth.  Apply to wear the sun naturally kisses the skin… forehead, cheeks, chin.  Embrace the warmth. 
  • You can use Mineral Veil swiped lightly over your eyes when you’ve finished them to help “set” them, and to blend it out softly.
  • When applying blush, PUSH the color on in a circular motion.  Think little circles.. pushing it on.  Smile, and start at the apples of your cheeks and blend out.

Bravon has several MUST HAVE brushes too.. I had to agree with all his choices.. here’s the list of all the ones he used and or recommended…

  • Heavenly Face Brush:  THE brush for foundation application.  Because of it’s flat top, it holds the minerals just right and really gives great coverage.  I use my orange handled one I got in the Moxie kit.  I think you can get the kit right now at for like 25.00.  That’s almost the price of the brush alone.
  • Maximum Coverage Face Brush:  For when you need a little more coverage in a “problem” area.  This works wonders in cheek area.. or if you have any blemishes.
  • Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush:  For spot concealing and for the undereye area.  The shape of this brush makes it perfect for undereye concealing.
  • Full Tapered Eyeshadow Brush:  For patting on eyecolor all over the lid.
  • Double Ended Precision Brush:  The PERFECT eye brush.  Use the pointy end to make the perfect sideways “V”, and to push color into the contour.  Use the bigger end to do multidimensional shading.  Turn it sideways so that it’s horizontal and pat color onto the outer eyelid.  Start at the lashline and pat up towards the brows until you hit your crease.  This will make the colors darker at the lashline, and progressively lighter up into the crease, where you can then buff in your crease color and everything will blend together nicely.  You can pretty much do anything with this brush, I think everyone needs at least one or two in their brush arsenal.
  • Crease Defining Brush (aka: Windshield Wiper Brush):  Use this once you’ve buffed in your crease color to blend everything out.  Use it like a windshield wiper and go back and forth with it in the crease.
  • Light Stroke Fan Brush:  To gently wipe away any shadow fallout without smudging.

I think this is everything, if I remember anything else I’ll be sure to update my post.  Bravon works so quickly, and he does everything so well.. it’s hard to watch AND take notes.  But you WANT to watch, AND take notes.  I wish Bravon would do a BE DVD that we could all purchase.  Just with the little pointers we can all use.  He is a fantastic wealth of information, and so gratious with his sharing.  I love that he’s so down to earth and determined to help us with anything we need.  Huge props to the B man.  =)

The BE Makeup Master-in-Chief


15 Responses to “Anchorage Master Class Tricks and Trips”

  1. Sandy (Pickles45) Says:

    Thanks for these great tips. I like the conceal after foundation application instead of before. No wonder the concealer disappeared.

    You are such a wealth of information. I save all of your tips, like these.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Wow! That is not just good stuff, that is FABULOUS stuff. I think I need to print this out and start working on incorporating some things.

    Thanks so much, Kesha, and I want to study under Bravon!

    • Me too! I wish I’d had more time to talk to him, I had questions that I didn’t get to ask because I didn’t want to bumrush him. There were ladies there meeting him for the first time so I wanted to give them dibs, lol.

  3. Thanks Kesha! I’m going to try some of these out today! I wonder if you can warm the primers & moisturizers in a cup of warm water rather than in your hands? I think I’d waste alot of product. Now I’m a little nervous about the Philly mc, how am I going to take notes & pay attention at the same time? Maybe a little video camera, humm, gonna have to think about it! Thanks again for the great info!

    • Robin – you’ve got that right, taking notes can be a group effort. Be sure to coordinate with other forum friends at your table so you can tag team on the note taking.

  4. Debbie (in GA) Says:

    WOW, Kesha!! Great note taking!! This is a wealth of info!! Thanks so much!!

  5. Great notes. I was so excited to read them that I read fast. Now I need to go back and really read each one again to get all the tips and write some down. I loved reading about your trip. Thanks.

    • Thanks! My hubby kept giving me a hard time last night about “writing my novel”.. but he also understands the NEED to let everyone know stuff. He’s seen ME after I know there’s a been a MC somewhere. “Oh my goodness!! Why hasn’t anyone posted yet!?” lol.

  6. Thanks for posting what you learned! It’s almost like I was right there with you at the master class! I’ve been suggesting a DVD with tips from Bravon over at BEA for years now….so far no dice! I KNOW it would be a huge seller. they could package it with Bravon’s MUST HAVE brushes and products from the line. I bet it would sell out!

    • That’s a fantastic idea! Oh man, it would totally sell out too. If you don’t mind, I’m going to pass your idea along.. see if we can’t make it happen. =)

      • Go right ahead…maybe we should start our own facebook group. If facebook can get Betty White on SNL, we can get BE to put out a Bravon DVD!!

  7. Jacki (AugustVirgo) Says:

    Great notes Kesha! Being here in the boonies, I appreciate any tips I can get, and will certainly be incorporating some of them into my routine (warming, warming, warming) I just got a double-ended precisiou brush so glad to see it’s a “must have”, now I just need to work on acquiring some more, particularly the heavenly face brush (but can I give up my full flawless?!) You are definately the Alaskan Angel for taking the time to take great notes and share with your fellow BE lovers! Thanks!

  8. Thanks Kesha! You are a GREAT notetaker and reporter.

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