My Master Class Loot

While we didn’t get to preview any upcoming newness.. we did have the opportunity to purchase the Myth, Opal, Patience, Ell-if-I-Know, combo that Bravon did.  He brought in limited quantity of the colors, and from what I heard, I believe they sold out.  Nordstroms was offering a few GWP’s, including one of the Green expandable bags with Merry and Hope Buxom Babes.  And the next tier got you a Rose Gossamer Duo and one of the pink and brown canvas BE bags.  I didn’t buy very much, so I didn’t qualify for any of the GWP’s and I didn’t ask what the amount was we had to reach to get them.  I think it was like 150.00 for the expandable bag, and like 250.00 for the whole shebang.

The team also brought in 10 of the Big Daddy Traincases valued at like 1600.00 or so, that were being sold for 750.00.  That was too rich for my blood too, lol.

Here’s what I did get though:

  • Flawless Definition Volumnizing Mascara
  • Rock Candy 100% Natural Lipstick
  • Pink Champagne 100% Natural Lipstick
  • Princess Buxom
  • Myth eyecolor (for a giveaway or gift)
  • Moisturizer (I’m almost out)
  • Espresso Big&Bright Eyeliner Pencil
  • Fruit Cocktail Blush with Click, Lock, Go
  • A Reusable Hot Pink BE bag that they put all my goodies in

Not a bad haul, all things I’ve been wanting, but have passed on for other things.  It was kind of a “go back and pick up the things you’ve been holding off on” day, lol.

Funny story.  I didn’t get Opal because I was SURE I had it.  In an unfortunate turn of events, I had left my list of eyecolors I own back at the hotel.  (Ladies, DON’T leave home without your lists!)  I went ahead and passed on getting it, certain I had it.  Sure enough, got back to the hotel, and low and behold.. no Opal.  It was Ecstasy that I had confused with it.  >.<  So now I’m frantic to get back and get one before they sell out, although I was also worried that Bravon would take the items they brought in for the event, BACK to BE with him.  I sent him a quick FB message and got everything sorted out.  Who would have thought with over 400+ colors, I wouldn’t have the one I thought I did?  lol.  I mean, odds were in my favor right, lol.  It was definitely a face to palm moment.  =)

Second funny story.  So while hanging around shopping, I had my big Kathy Van Zeeland bag and BE bag on my shoulder.  I went to go past a lady, felt my purse hit a display, and sure enough..  I knocked it over.  Huge giant CRASH!  Big dome lid that looked glass crashed to the floor along with everything that was displayed in it.  Yeah, that was just a bit embarrassing.  I’m such a dork.  In my defense, quarters in there were tight, and it was a stupid place to put a giant display balancing on a tiny tripod like thing.  Thank the Lord it was plastic and not glass or it would have been a LOT worse.  Of course, hubby had to give me a hard time about my huge bag and that I “needed a bigger one”.  “Gee dear, big enough bag?”  Aye yi yi.  lol.


11 Responses to “My Master Class Loot”

  1. Bless your heart, Kesha! The handbag incident sounds like something I would do.

    • You know it HAD to be after the class too, you know, after they “introduced” me and made me stand up. So there I was.. the “BE girl from Homer” taking out a display, lol.

  2. I totally get the bag incident! I have done things like that before, I feel your pain! If you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the use? Is the loot you got the goodies in the pictures on the table? Sounds like good stuff and great times! Glad you had such fun!

    • The boxes on the table had our lunch and treats in them.. all the goodies I bought are in a different bag. I think I’ll take a picture of the canvas bag and the reusable one I got.. and I’ll update the post. =)

    • It wouldn’t have been so bad if the hubby wasn’t there, he made it worse. lol. A lady with her baby looked at me and said.. “don’t worry, could have been ANY one of us”.. lol. She was cool, we ended up talking and I helped her shop for a Buxom. =)

  3. Is the Pink Champagne lippie new or did I miss something??? Describe if you can. Thanks for ALL of this info. You’re wonderful!!!!

    • I think it came out awhile back.. it’s a lipstick. Wanna say it came out in like the second or third “cycle” of new lipsticks. Everyone was saying if I had Parfait I didn’t need it, but seeing it in person, it’s soooo not the same, lol.

    • No.. you’re wonderful for taking time out of your day to read it! I’m really very humbled at the response I’ve been getting. ❤

  4. Kesh….I’m confused. I was under the impression that if you went to a MC, they gave you all kinds of freebies as part of the class. Well not freebies maybe, but the $150 charge for the MC, you made back in the product gift bags that they gave you at the class. But in reading your posts, it sounds like you had to purchase items in addition to paying your MC fee and didn’t get any “freebies”. Am I wrong??

    • In the past, it seems they used to give away a lot more. I remember reading stories of MC’s where they gave away a good size bag of goodies. We did get good stuff in SF, but I think that was because it was such a HUGE event, there were like 250 people there. The food was fancier, and so was the whole production. I’m thinking the Philly MC may be similar to the SF one, since it’s on a bigger scale and 1 longer class vs. 3 small classes. The fee for the class was 100.00, and that was refundable with a purchase of BE. How it worked was we told the BA who rang us up that we had attended the class, and our receipts reflected a 100.00 “refund/credit”. With everything I “bought”, I paid 39.00 out of pocket, if that makes sense. So in essence, my total WOULD have been 139.00. Our freebies included the exclusive Look Book, and a pink/brown canvas Bare Escentuals bag.

      • OK Now that makes sense…..I just hope that a MC comes to my area….San Diego would be the PERFECT place to have a Master Class!! Well, IMHO anyway 😛

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