The Drive Home..

I took these as we drove out of Anchorage.. it was such a beautiful day, 70 degrees, sunny.. and the drive from Homer to Anchorage is just gorgeous.  God did good when he designed Alaska.  =)

The Glacier.

The Glacier.


2 Responses to “The Drive Home..”

  1. Sandy (Pickles45) Says:

    These pics are awesome. The closest we ever got to Alaska was living 13 years in the western part of Montana. Someday I hope to get to your beautiful state. For now, in order to see your state, I have to content myself with Ice Road Truckers and Alaska Troopers and any documentaries that show the expansive landscape. Of course, everything on t.v. is one dimensional and doesn’t do the state justice but your right, God did do good when he made Alaska.

  2. How pretty! I’d love to visit Alaska someday!!

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