Preview Items via Email..

Emails are going out with links to order some of the upcoming newness.. be sure to check it out if you don’t have a local boutique.  I’m kinda freaking out about the Beyond Gorgeous set.  It looks to be kind of a big deal, lol.  Here’s a link, I’m not sure it will work, but I’ll try.  =) Credit for the link goes to James at Mineral Madness for posting.  I haven’t received my email yet, much like regular mail, I always get my late, lol.

Preview Sale, Thursday, Sept.16th on the BE Webstore

Anyone wanting the High Shine colors, buying the Customizable Eye Case for 39.00 for 3 colors is an amazing value considering each of the colors will retail for 16.00. 

The Body Lingerie.. vanilla scented… simply fantastic.  Can hardly wait to order it.  =)

** Sources tell me that the code word: GLAMOUR should still work and will get you 20% off your order.  **


2 Responses to “Preview Items via Email..”

  1. You can use the MV and TMV codes along with the GLAMOUR codes and get 20% off, a Petite MV, and a Petite TMV!!!!!

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