Maximum Coverage Face Brush

This is the brush that Bravon threated to track us down if we didn’t have it at the Anchorage Master Class.  I have to admit, I wouldn’t have this brush myself if I hadn’t been given one in San Francisco at the Master Class there.  I don’t think this brush has gotten the buzz it deserves, and now, after having one, I think it would serve everyone well to have it in their brush arsenal.

Bravon recommends a Press and Roll technique with this one.  You want to swirl,  and tap as usual, and then press and roll the product your applying onto the skin.  After pressing in, turn the brush over to the “clean” side, and blend it out.  If you put your pointer finger on the brush like in the picture, it works the best.  (Please ignore the polish job, I need to redo my nails, lol.)  I use this brush to get a little more coverage where I need it.  I have been post-concealing, and using either Bisque or Foundation to do so.  Sometimes both.  This brush works wonders on the area between the nose and ears, I call it my problem zone where I need the most coverage.  Ear to ear, the middle of my face.  It’s also great for the forehead, and chin area.  LOL.. so basically, your whole face.  You can also use this brush to blend out your blush if you get a little too much. 

I’ve taken pictures comparing this one to the regular Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush.  You can see how much bigger it is.  Again, I apologize for my Concealer Brush being dirty.  Time to clean all my brushes again, I’m guessing I’m not alone in that, lol.  😉  The Face brush, being so much bigger, is a lot more pliable.  I also think it’s a lot softer. 

You can purchase this brush online at here:  Maximum Coverage Face Brush.  It’s not currently available in any sets, so you’ll have to purchase it individually.  Hopefully it may show up in one in the future.

Maximum Coverage Face Brush vs. Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

Two Great Weapons in the War Against Blemishes and their Friends Uneven Skintone and Redness

The Brush Head.

Demonstrating How to Hold the Brush to Press and Roll. Just don't forget to Swirl and Tap first. 🙂


7 Responses to “Maximum Coverage Face Brush”

  1. Great Job Kesh :). I’m loving all of your posts!

  2. I still don’t have to face brush!

  3. Thanks for posting this Kesha! I’m totally sold on it. Crossing my fingers it’s in a kit soon… 🙂

    • Maybe someone from BE will see this, and make that executive decision. It’s really one of those brushes that everyone needs, and it doesn’t get much “face time”.. lol.

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