George the Vault Keeper

Here’s a BE story I had to share, some of you have already heard it since I posted it when it happened.  I have an update to this story though I thought I’d share, lol,

So when I was at the BE Girls Getaway in SF, I ended up talking to this guy who was just fantastic.  His name was Myles.  I also talked for a good long while with another guy by the name of Simon.  Two really awesome guys.  Come to find out after talking to these guys for over an hour that Myles was the CEO of Bare Escentuals (gasp).  After our conversation, he said if I ever needed anything, to email or contact him and he gave me his business card.  We had been discussing the Outlet stores and how I couldn’t order from them anymore.  I was particularly bummed out about Outlets not taking phone orders anymore before I ordered my Pepppermint Shower Gel from them, and I pretty much can’t live without it now.  When I was pregnant with Gabe, it was one of the very few things that could help my nausea.  So anyway, when I got home to AK, Myles messaged me and asked me what it was again that I needed, and I told him the gel.  He said they’d get some right out me.  Here’s where George comes in..

I come home one day to find a package from BE on my porch.  Inside was 2 bottles of my Peppermint Shower Gel, and this note from “George”, the BE Vault Keeper.

Letter from George

If you can’t read it.. here’s what it says:

Dear Kesha,
Please enjoy this special gift from Leslie’s underground, hidden, secret vault. I am the only human being allowed inside the vault and am sworn to secrecy about it’s specific location. I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you to protect the secret location. Please enjoy and could you be so kind to send me some chocolate chip cookies. I have not been allowed to leave for years and miss them more than anything else from the outside world.

xoxo The Vault Keeper,

I could not stop laughing as I read this letter, and it just reminded me why those of us who LOVE Bare Escentuals, love it.  It’s letters like this, and the level of one-on-one customer service.  I mean really, that note is hilarious, and I love it.

Friday afternoon I was able to speak to George in person as Leslie surprised him at the BE all hands corporate meeting.  She called me in the middle of the meeting, and put me on the phone with him in front of all the people there in attendance.  I asked him how he was doing, and remarked that I was surprised that he was let out of the vault.  He said it’s a rare occurence, and the last time he was out, the #1 car in America was the Geo Metro.  I’m guessing he won’t be let out again anytime soon.. lol.

This my friends is just one small reason why I’m a BE user for life.  I straight up love this company.  ❤


13 Responses to “George the Vault Keeper”

  1. Have you sent him cookies yet? lol

  2. Great job George, hugs…
    Marie just one of the many BEople<3

  3. That is so cool Kesha. You actually have touched something that come out of The Vault. WOW! Yeah, I think George deserves some cookies. : )
    Hope they were considering the outlet phone order policies too. I miss it so.

    • They were/are Aerika. Myles said they hope to be able to open it up again, they had a problem with one particular person overbuying and reselling. I need to touch bases with him again and see what the status is on it though. =)

  4. Oh, Kesha! What a precious story and how I couldn’t stop myself from giggling…ok, LOL’ing….loudly, at that! BE Rocks!!!

  5. OMG this is hilarious. And a testiment to the fact that people can work in the corporate world and actually love what they do!!! BE rules!

    • The funny thing is, he just wrote that without knowing my personality. He someone instinctively knew that I would love it and appreciate the sense of humor. I love it, lol.

  6. That is absolutely hilarious! My dream job is work for BE :). Kesha you are one lucky woman getting to speak personally with Myles and George!

    • The funny this was, I didn’t even Myles was who he is, lol. It wasn’t until later that night when I actually looked at his title on the business card, lol.

  7. Judy/Dvine Says:

    I love it!!!! The Vault!!! Its contents will be a gooey mystery for us all to ponder. Girl you have some networking skills. WAY TO GO!!! I’m smiling from ear to ear. I feel like sending him sweet goodies. 🙂

    • lol.. thanks! I’m seriously hoping one day I may actually see the inside of the mystery vault. Not sure they’d let me out to tell the tale, but I’d know. lol. Until then, we’ll have to just wait for George to get word out. lol.

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