Overstock.com Bargains

For anyone wanting a Heavenly Face Brush for Foundation (the one Bravon loves), here’s the best bang for your buck. 

You can purchase the Moxie Kit (one of MY personal faves) for only 23.99 at Overstock.com.  The Heavenly Face Brush alone is 30.00. 

With the Moxie Kit you also get:

  • Tropical/Pure Radiance Duo
  • Naughty, Naughty Blush (beautiful!)
  • Tinted Mineral Veil
  • Magnetize Glimmer
  • Kudos Glimmer
  • Heavenly Face Brush (with an orange handle!)
  • Heavenly Blush Brush (with an orange handle!)
  • Eye Buki Brush (with an orange handle!)

23.99 for all that is a screamin’ deal… here’s a handy dandy link 🙂 : Moxie Kit

They also have a Hydrate and Brighten Brush for the Hydrating Mineral Veil for only 9.99. 

AND.. the Crown Jewels set for only 25.99.

Crown Jewels includes:

  • Clear Radiance
  • Opal Glimmer (Bravon used this in his Anchorage MC look)
  • True Gold Glimmer
  • Onyx Liner Shadow
  • Amber Buxom
  • Double-Ended Precision Eye Brush (another Bravon must-have)
  • Angled Face Brush

The Double-Ended Precision Eye Brush alone is 28.00.. so again, you can see that this is a fabulous value for the price.  If you’re in the market for the brush, I’d recommend just getting this set. 🙂


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