My Bare Escentuals Story

I’ve been meaning to write this for awhile now, the story of how and WHY I came to know Bare Escentuals.  I kind of feel like I need to provide a little bit of “back story” so that you can understand the amazing blessing BE has been to me.  So here goes… 🙂

Growing up, I was never really comfortable in my skin.  I was “too skinny” and people would be relentless in their comments about my weight.  They’d say things that seem harmless, like jokingly telling me I needed to put “some meat on my bones”.. I’d be asked if I was anorexic.. which anyone that knows me, that’s the LAST thing I am, lol.  I started wearing really baggy clothes to hide my body, not realizing that it actually made me look smaller.  I’m going to use this platform right now to make a PSA.. whether someone is bigger, or smaller, it’s NEVER okay to make unsolicited comments, they hurt.  Even said “jokingly”.  I love to eat, and for people to suggest I had an eating disorder wasn’t cool.  In 6th grade I ended up getting headgear, and I wore it through the 9th grade when I got my braces (luckily I was able to just wear it at night).  Now.. braces aren’t anything to be ashamed of..and I didn’t not like them, they just added to my awkwardness I think.  I didn’t wear makeup, I didn’t even know HOW to apply makeup, or what I would need.  Heck.. I STILL don’t even know how to use a curling iron, that’s how not-girly I was, lol.  I had my first slow dance with a boy when I was a Jr. in High School, and my first boyfriend when I was a Senior.  I think I wore lipgloss and maybe some blush to Prom.. I was clueless.  I never felt pretty.

 When I got out of High School and through up to my early 20’s I was always curious about makeup, but the very few times I tried something, it was always liquid and it grossed me out.  I learned very quickly that even though I knew nothing about makeup, I knew I couldn’t put that stuff on my face.  It smelled gross, felt gross, and I honestly thought it looked gross too.  No matter what kind of new fangled spongey thing I tried to use to apply it, it NEVER looked even, I always had a line of demarcation, and the shade never matched.  I’d end up disgruntled for spending the money yet again on something that wouldn’t work.

Fast forward to my wedding.. I knew I needed to figure out something makeup wise and I went to a friend that sold a certain brand of makeup.  She did my makeup for my wedding, and I used a cream to powder type foundation.  I didn’t LOVE it, but I didn’t hate it, and started using it a little off and on.  I still wasn’t very happy with it.  I felt again that I couldn’t blend it well enough to look natural, it got cakey, and it felt nasty.  I was pretty sure at this point in my life that makeup just wasn’t for  me.  I was never a makeup girl, and never would be.  My mom didn’t teach me about application, or any of that jazz.. so I was destined to just go au naturale.  No big.. I didn’t really feel like I was missing out on anything, because nothing ever really worked for me, lol.

Which brings me to how I discovered Bare Escentuals.  Here I am, 29 years old, feeling plane jane having lost all hope on makeup.  I have 2 daughters at this point, am working full time, and one night.. I happened to stay up late.  A infomercial came on for Bare Minerals, and I was like.. “hmm.. wonder if that stuff works?”  I was super skeptical, and told myself, “it’s late, it’s an infomercial.. you’d buy anything right now.. you’re tired, go to bed.  You and makeup aren’t friends”.  But I was curious, very curious.  My husband told me, “why don’t you just try it.. can’t hurt”.  (Muahahahha.. I remind him of them all the time now, HE was the one that pushed me to order, this is all his fault, lol.)  The next day I was still thinking about it in the back of my mind, and decided what the heck.. why not.  I went online and ordered the infomercial special. 

When the box arrived, I was super excited.  I’m not exactly sure why, I think it was the hope that maybe, just maybe I had found something that would work.  I was in love at first Swirl, Tap, Buff.  My skin magically transformed as I began buffing, I couldn’t believe it.  I think I looked at myself in the mirror about 500 times that first day.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was easy, even *I* could do it.  It didn’t smell.  It looked natural.  No funny lines, no spending 20 minutes trying to blend it out with a stupid little sponge only to have it still uneven.  I was hooked. 

Once I had the foundation, I wondered about eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes.  I had this new confidence that I could maybe do this makeup thing for once in my life.  At first when I started looking around for more Bare Minerals products, I couldn’t find them.  I didn’t realize I needed to Google “Bare Escentuals”.  Once I discovered the website, I found out about QVC and Sephora.  Then came the fan forums.  It was like an awakening.  I went from the girl who couldn’t and wouldn’t wear makeup, to a girl who was hungry for anything she could find out about this amazing product.

I really don’t think I can put into words what BE did for me.  It truly changed my life.  For the first time in my life, I felt pretty.  I had confidence I never had.  I don’t know if I can fully explain it, but those of you that have experienced it, know what I mean.  This last year I was chosen to be the model for the Master Class in San Francisco.. prior to BE, I would have NEVER had the kahonies to even consider saying yes to something like that.  My husband immediately noticed a change in me when I started using BE… I am so thankful that he pushed me to order the kit when he did.  If he hadn’t.. well, I’d still be feeling like that awkward person I was before.  Again, I really can’t say enough about BE has done for me.  It’s one of the many reasons I’m so passionate about the company and the product.

I am eternally grateful to Leslie and everything she’s done for me through BE, and I challenge anyone who’s on the fence about this makeup because they’ve tried everything and never found something that works for them, to give BE a try.  It changed my life, and it can change yours too.

I’m including this picture that was my yearbook picture my Sr. Year.  I hate this picture because I feel like it captured all the awkwardness and sadness I had in my spirit, on film.  I had another shot that I used to give out to friends and family, but this was the yearbook shot.  I would have never thought at the time this picture was taken that I would feel as good as I do now, and that I’d be willingly posting pictures of myself on makeup forums and blogs.  Bare Escentuals is about SO much more than “just” makeup..

Me. Circa 1996.

Thanks for letting me share my personal story with you.. ❤


16 Responses to “My Bare Escentuals Story”

  1. This was awesome to read. I completely understand all of your feelings. I too had no one to show me how to wear makeup and grew up feeling awkward. I dabbled a little bit in different makeup, but once I found BE it changed me forever!!! I watched it on QVC for years thinking what if it really doesn’t work like they say. I could kick myself for not trying it sooner. One day I looked out the window and saw a billboard with a sign saying a local salon now carried BE. I went right away and haven’t looked back.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your BE story!

  3. great story kesha! i’m sure there are a ton of stories just like yours…i always loved make-up – but like you it was always so gross looking & feeling – so i went pretty bare – w/ only mascara & gloss all through college…played around a lot through my 20s which was horrible on my skin…and then hit 30 and found BE and the rest is history!

  4. Kesha
    Love the story – I was noticing that right above your name – you had a classmate with my last name (well my husband’s anyway!!) Cool. I graduated 10 years BEFORE you and I tell you – I had similar experriences – all through HS I had to wear a backbrace for scoliosis and had to have oral maxofacial surgery to correct my deviated jawbone that came from wearing a backbrace….believe me when I tell you that Im 100% sympathetic and I will tell anyone – after working for the company for 2 1/2 years and going through years of makeup troubles(Im 43 in Nov) – BE will and continue to change my life for the better – and hopefully it will continue to change the enitre world!

    • BE is so amazing.. it brings women together, and TRULY changes lives. I’ve had so many ladies share their stories with me, and the theme is always the same. BE changes lives. I love it.

  5. Hi Kesha!
    I wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I also went through some rough years in school…horrible acne, and being overweight. BE has been the first makeup that truly made me feel beautiful too. I used to try to get my hair every morning to be perfect because I knew my face didn’t have a chance, lol! Now with my BE on, I could care less about what my hair looks like, ’cause I know I look good, lol!!! You are an amazing role model to your little one at home, as well as to me and I am sure thousands out here in “computer land”. I wanted to tell you on a side note, that I posted my first thread on MM about a week ago (the one about the lipstick duo). When I saw that you had replied, I was in awe!! See, you are like a BE celebrity to me! I follow your blog, and your posts on MM. I truly value your advice and reviews of all the products. Now that I probably totally scared you (i really don’t mean to), I will stop typing!! But thank you again for all the wonderful things you do!!

    • LOL.. thank you sooo much for your kind words. ❤ And genius discovering the lipstick duo's are interchangable, I would have never thunk to do that, lol. Seriously, that's was a super great tip. Where are you located Jennifer? It would be great if we could meet in person at the BE Event in Charleston in 2012. It's the big shindig BE does every couple years.. isn't it amazing how BE brings women together like it does? Most beauty companies seem to be about competing against and pitting women against one another.. BE is so different.

      • I am in Santa Barbara… is weird that Leslie has a perfume named for our city, yet the closest boutique is like 45 min. away!! lol! And I just found out about it! I have never been to a boutique (gasp! I know!) Anyway, I would love to meet you in person! Tell me more about the big shindig. I would love to attend one of the BE events! Everyone seems to have such an amazing time. I do love how BE brings us gals together….I love being able to talk to my new friends about makeup! No one in my family cares about makeup, and they don’t understand how I can get so excited about BE. It is nice to have people to share my passion with!!

      • Jennifer, the next big BE weekend Getaway is in Charleston in 2012. Word on the street it will be around April/May, usually a couple months prior it’s announced on the BE website and someone sees it and posts. I’m guessing Vicki or Bravon will let me know if we don’t see it quickly enough, lol. I feel the same way about having BE friends who understand, lol. That’s one of the reasons I started my Blog, here in tiny Homer, Alaska, there’s only so many people to talk BE with. And I’m pretty sure I sound like a crazy person to most of ’em, lol. Check out the BE website for the Events/Classes page though, you might have something going on near you soon that you don’t even know about. The next Master Class is in Philly here in a couple weeks.

  6. What a touching story, Kesha. You just don’t know how many out there in the world went through a similar situation, if not the exact same thing! Bless your dear heart!

  7. I didn’t discover BE until my early 40s, and I haven’t looked back. No more of the liquid stuff for me! Cosmetics boost my self-confidence, make me feel pretty, and sometimes even make me feel like I can conquer the world. Thanks for sharing your story.

  8. Hugs Bestie!!! You are awesome…I loved you back then and I love you more now!!! I’m sure if mom would have known you’d have liked some makeup lessons/tips she would have been more than welcome. Maybe not so much on the lessons from her per se, it was more like a trip to the makeup counter for some lessons from them 😉

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