Big, Bright, and Brilliant Mini Eyeliner Trio

Oh my, these are so cool.  I didn’t realize there were sparklies in these pencils.  First of the Big and Bright eyeliners to have sparklies IN the liner.  I have a feeling I’m going to be wearing these a LOT come the holiday season.  I’m especially loving the Midnight Moon one.

The colors included are:  Black Gold, Black Diamond, and Midnight Moon.  I’m not sure the pictures I took capture the sparkles in them, I tried so many different angles.  If you love the Big and Bright liners, I think you’ll definitely want to pick these up.  They’d also make a super cute stocking stuffer or gift for a friend.  Another homerun for BE.

More of the ribbon theme.

From L to R: Black Gold, Black Diamond, and Midnight Moon

From L to R: Black Gold, Black Diamond, and Midnight Moon

From L to R: Black Gold, Black Diamond, and Midnight Moon


5 Responses to “Big, Bright, and Brilliant Mini Eyeliner Trio”

  1. Kesha, I had the exact same thought as you with the sparklies in the liners! I HEART these!! 🙂 I’m going to have to play with Black Diamond and Black Gold though, when I swatched them I couldn’t really tell a difference between the two like I see in your swatches. Do you need to use a really light (or heavy) hand to get them to differentiate?

    • Yeah, I kind of put them on heavy handed, just to get a good dark swatch.. it’s funny, can as I was doing it, I thought they looked really similiar too. I was afraid the swatches were so close you wouldn’t be able to notice the slight difference, I’m glad it shows up, lol.

  2. Oh I can’t wait to get these either!!!

  3. I didn’t look closely enough at them in the boutique!!!! Didn’t realize they had sparklies!!!! I will have to get them when the come back.

    • Oh yeah, make sure you swatch one if they have one out to “test”.. you’ll be amazed at all the sparklies in it. I didn’t even notice until I swatched them.. then I was like.. “oooh, neat!”.

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