Customizable Eye Case

This is the first of the Customizable cases BE has come out with that I’ve purchased.  I just couldn’t help the 3 for 39.00 promotion.. as it included the new High Shine colors.  The new HS colors will retail for 16.00 each, so if you’re wanting to try these out, I highly recommend getting 3 and the case for 39.00. 

The case is black with a hot pink liner.  The liner has the ribbon swirls like the lids of the Beyond Gorgeous set.  The zipper pull is to die for, and I love that it has a mirror included with it too.  Very cute bag.  It’s also a good size, not too small, not too big.  I’m super happy with this purchase, especially since I also saved money on the HS colors.

I love the ribbon graphic art.


Good size, love the mirror.

Pretty inside liner.

Beautiful detailing in the zipper pull.

So pretty.. BE always pays attention to the small little details.

Be on the lookout for when these make their grand re-appearance.  Have your lists ready.. you can do liner shadows, eyeshadows, or HS colors, 3 for 39.00.  Pretty sure this is how I’ll get the other 3 High Shine colors I didn’t get this go around.  🙂


4 Responses to “Customizable Eye Case”

  1. This looks like such a pretty purse/case! I carry last year’s with me for glosses.

    The new color pattern inside and the decorative pull or a great new addition!

  2. Debbie (in GA) Says:

    Thanks for posting pics, Kesha!! This is definately on my wish list!!

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