High Shine Eyecolors

Man I am excited to play around with these!  I did a little bit to take pictures, but I can’t write a comprehensive review until I’m used them on my eyes and experimented a bit more.  I will say the colors are gorgeous.  The jury is still out on the delivery system, again.. gonna have to play with them a little bit more tomorrow.  Stay tuned for more on these..

I ordered Glisten, Moonshine, and Electric.  When I put all the boxes together to take a picture, I thought.. “oooh, that would make a pretty combo”.. I might just try that one first to see how blendable they are.  🙂  I am so stoked these are finally here.

Moonshine, Glisten, and Electric.

It's Electric!



Moonshine Swatch.

Electric Swatch.


These will retail for 16.00 each, but they also qualify for the 3 for 39.00 promotion when you purchase the Customizable Eye Case.  If you’re wanting to pick up all 6 High Shine colors, I highly recommend getting the Case.  The other 3 colors are Frost (silver), Bronzed (golden), and Patina (olive).  I can’t wait to pick up the rest!


4 Responses to “High Shine Eyecolors”

  1. I cannot wait to get these!! I missed them at Preview Nite, so I have to wait until they officially come out. Then I’m using my 20% off coupon.

  2. Those colors are so pretty. I’m loving Moonshine. I just got mine in yesterday and haven’t had a chance to play yet. Of course being Ms. No Self-Control, I had to get all six. : )

  3. Pretty colors I especially like moonshine my fave color!! 🙂

  4. Donica Taylor Says:

    I’m going to have to get the Electric one at the Big Buffing Road trip event I am going to.

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