Rockstar Buxom Babes

They’re here, they’re here!  I love the packaging, hot pink and black with super cute Buxom girl animations.  All the colors look like winners too, I don’t know that I could pick a favorite if I had to.  I’m a little partial to the Tonya because a great MM’er won a contest and had a Buxom named after her.  That, and the color is beautimus.  🙂  I have a feeling Blanche is going to be one of those that looks amazing over a lipstick, giving it a little extra oomph.  Julie is one of those like Leslie that is just so neutral and versatile and will go with everything.  Gabby was always one of my faves.. another gorgeous winner.

You really can’t go wrong getting this set… everyone loves a Buxom Babe.  😉

The Rockstars: Gabby, Tonya, Julie, and Blanche.

Shoutout for Tonya on the back =)

Super cute Buxom animation.


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