And the Purifying Cleanser Goes To…

Had my daughter pick the winner again, only this time we had 83 enteries (!!) and we needed a bigger “basket”, lol.  Another huge thanks for everyone who’s been supporting my Blog, but on to what y’all want to know… who won…

Getting ready to draw...

83 Enteries.. who's it going to be??

She's pretty excited...

Now she's just hammin' it up.. lol.

Drumroll please…


Congrats to Christina Harris!!  Thanks again to all the Blog supporters out there, we’ll do this again sometime next month.  🙂


5 Responses to “And the Purifying Cleanser Goes To…”

  1. Your daughter is adorable picking this!

  2. Whoop it up for Christina!! YEAH!! Congrats, Sweetie!

    Awww, K, your DD is precious!! Well done and I just love all the pics! Adorable!

  3. BTW….meant to say this earlier, but your daughter is adorable!!! Such a cutie and a ham!! 🙂

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