Buxom City Slickers! Shut the front door… lol.

I love Buxoms!  That’s no secret, and this one.. fantastic!  This is reminiscent of last years Buxom Babes About Town.  I’m LOVING that there’s NEW Buxom Lipglosses and Lipsticks.

Buxom City Slickers

This is for sure going on my Xmas list.


 Kit includes:

Buxoms:  Amber (washed peach), Brandi (candied plum), NEW Denise (cool pink), and NEW Michelle (raspberry rose)

Buxom Lipsticks: Bombay (poppy rose), Marrakech (being nude), NEW Fresno (blackberry wine), and NEW Vienna (pink lilac)

Be still my heart.


4 Responses to “Buxom City Slickers! Shut the front door… lol.”

  1. Ok wait a minute. How tha heck do you take those lipstick names and throw in FRESNO?!? That is so off! Still looking forward to the color though. hehehehe…

  2. OMG Kesha! Im kicking my bottom for not getting last years kit. Im definately getting this!

  3. Donica Taylor Says:

    I want that wine colored one badly!

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