Buxom Babes ~ Past to Present

With the recent release of the new Rockstars, it got me thinking about all the other Buxom Babe sets and how much I love each and every one.  I decided to take pics of the past sets.. I only missed out on one, and I believe it was only offered on QVC.  I found an image on Google, so I included it.. since it’s part of the Buxom Babe family. 

Enjoy this little walk down Buxom memory lane..

Trixie, Ginger, Amber, and Candi

Bambi, Kanani, Bunny, and Kitty. This is the one I missed.

Roxy, Bianca, Bunny, and Dolly

The Flower Girls. Rosie, Lily, Iris and Poppy.

Diamond Buxoms. April, Starr, Celeste, and Clair.

April, Starr, Celeste, and Clair

The Tints. These were flavored. Cherry, Coco, Margarita, and Melonie.

Winter Escapades. Merry, Hope, Holly, and Joy.

Merry, Hope, Holly, and Joy

The Sailor Girls. Marina, Skipper, Misty, and Sunny. I LOVE these!

Marina, Skipper, Misty, and Sunny

The Rockstars! Gabby, Tonya, Julie, and Blanche

Gabby, Tonya, Julie, and Blanche

These aren’t in the right order (I don’t think) of exactly when they came out.. but they’re close. 

I can’t seem to find the Sailor Girls available online anywhere, so if you can grab them still at your local boutique or Sephora, do it!  It looks as if BE.com still has the Winter Escapade on sale for 19.50 here, so I wouldn’t wait if you want them.  Once they’re gone, they’ll be really hard to find.  I hope the Sailor Girls show up again, or that they’ll grow up and be at Sephora full size, because I really do love that set.  Not having a “back up” stresses me out.

**It’s been brought to my attention that the Sailor Girl set is still available from QVC.  Here’s a link:  Sailor Girls.  Again, get them while you can.. once they start disappearing from the BE site and other retailers, they get really difficult to find.  :)**

**The Flower Girls are also on sale right now on Sephora.com for 18.00: Flower Girls. (Thanks for reminding me Steph 😉 )**


8 Responses to “Buxom Babes ~ Past to Present”

  1. Love it, seeing all I missed 😦 Just teasing Kesha thank you for sharing, I’d love to have them all, I do love Lips…

  2. I love it Kesha! Ive got almost all of them toO!

  3. Kesha, Skinstore.com has the Sailor Girls in stock! here’s the link!


  4. Okay Kesha, your enabling skills are epic. I have never been a “buxom girl” to the point that I collected all the babe sets. I just loved all the buxoms that came with my kits. Now I wish I had the Diamond Buxoms and the Sailor Girls. I just got Winter Escapade and Rockstars. I think the Buxom madness is beginning.

  5. thanks for sharing! I missed the first few (BEfore I started using BE), but that’s ok….well, not really LOL! One of my neice’s LOVES buxom, especially the babes since there are four colors to choose from. We have a great system….she dusts my house and I get her the buxom babe set. It’s win-win!!!

    • That’s a fantastic arrangement.. I’d clean for Buxoms. I guess I kind of do.. since my hubby pays for all my loot. lol. Which ones are you “missing”?

  6. I have most of these also except for Sailor Girls and the newest Rock Stars. I love the DIAMOND buxoms. That is one of my favorite buxom sets!

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