Custom Blends Series

As if anyone needs another reason to love BE.. well here’s 12 more.  🙂  Every so often BE asks us addicts to submit our combinations and creations to them, and they pick 4 for an exclusive Custom Blends set.  So far there have been 3 installments, and 12 lucky ladies have seen their colors come to BE fruition.  How cool is that?! 

The first set debuted in April 2009 on QVC and included:

  • Shangri-La – created by Sally B., ME
  • Honeydew – created by Nancy K., OR  (I know her!  She’s pretty fab)
  • Mocha Supreme – created by Kathy A., NJ
  • Non-Fat Candy – created by Sarah H., NJ

Shangri-La, Honeydew, Mocha Supreme, and Non-Fat Candy

Custom Blends 1 How-To

The second installment premiered in March 2010 on QVC and included:

  • Angel Food Cake – created by Laura H., MI
  • Bermuda – created by Marcie S., NH
  • Bloomin’ Surprise – created by Karen O., TX
  • Dazzling – created by Barbara B., VA

Angel Food Cake, Bermuda, Bloomin' Surprise, and Dazzling

Custom Blends 2 How-To

And the most recent set was just on QVC this month, and is still available to order.  It includes:

  • Overjoyed – created by April C., WA
  • Smokin’ Hot – created by Julie H., MD
  • Stardust – created by Sandy S., MO
  • Superstar – created by Tonya P., OK (this is the same Tonya that the Rockstar Buxom Tonya is name after :))

Overjoyed, Smokin' Hot, Stardust, and Superstar

Custom Blends 3 How-To

The next time BE asks for our creations, I’ll post a message here on my Blog.  I absolutely LOVE that they give us an opportunity to have our colors made and produced.  So get thinking about your entries, and if you haven’t ordered the most recent set, grab it while you can.  I’ll even give you a link:  Custom Blends 3.


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