Body Lingerie

**  Again, need to mention that this too was sent to me by a friend at BE.  I purchase everything I review, although if I receive something like I did here, I’ll be sure to make a note of it. **

This is so cute.  I love the vintage atomizer, and the minerals inside are pretty fabulous.  I tried to take a picture of the pretty sparklies, but I don’t think they showed up very well.  On the back of the box there’s a tip to: Spritz above your head then step into a light mist of shimmer and fragrance for ultra luxe, shimmering hair.  For sexiest results, spritz after you apply body lotion and before you dress.

There’s a very subtle vanilla scent to it, not overpowering, just barely there.  I foresee myself using this a LOT come the holidays.. it makes you feel so feminine and fun.

My understanding is that these will be available in the Boutiques in October, if you just can’t wait, has them online right now.  They retail for 29.00.  Here’s a handy dandy link:  Body Lingerie.

Body Lingerie

Body Lingerie

A Little Sexy Something

I'm not sure the sparklies show up, but they're there.


2 Responses to “Body Lingerie”

  1. This is sooo pretty!!! I’m so glad I ordered it from sephora! Thanks so much for putting pics and a review. 🙂

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