My Exclusive Interview with a Certain Popular Forum Moderator

.. okay, so that might be a little deceiving.. it wasn’t an “interview” in the traditional sense of the word.  More of a discussion, that can be repeated, lol.  Being new to this whole Blog things, a few things have come up, and then there was just something I was wondering, that he was able to answer for me.

First off, we touched on the subject of “Blog Etiquette” and what is kosher and what isn’t when it comes to “sharing” information.  I’m totally new to this whole thing, and so I Googled it after we chatted to see what else I could find on the matter.  I found this especially useful:  The 5 Rules of Blog Etiquette.  #2 bears repeating, so here it is:

2.     Don’t repost without permission – It’s never okay to take someone else’s post and put it on your blog without first getting their permission. Even if you link back to them, it’s still unacceptable. Why? Well, to begin, there’s the whole duplicate content issue that many bloggers are worried about. Second, putting the whole post on your blog doesn’t give your readers any incentive to check out the original post, so you’re stealing traffic from that blogger. Reposting someone else’s content without permission could actually lead to your blog getting shut down by your host.

If you really want to repost someone else’s content, you need to shoot them an email and get their permission first. That’s the right way to do it.

I like to think of scenarios that put things like this into life application, so they make more sense to me, then I seem to “get it”, lol.  Here’s what I came up with, and it sort of ties into another subject said Forum Moderator and I discussed.  🙂

Say People magazine gets their hands on juicy piece of celebrity dirt, complete with a juicy picture… but they decide to hold of on revealing it for just ONE more week, heck.. even two.  Meanwhile, their source for the picture has gotten bored, and decides to sell the SAME picture to US Weekly, who promptly publishes it.  Now, on the front of US Weekly is this juicy picture, and in the article they include a thanks-to-People-magazine-who-first-scooped-this, “credit”.  Chances are, now that you’ve seen the picture, and gotten the story, you’re not going to go buy the issue of People when it comes out.  And more than likely, People will shelf the story until something of interest comes up.  Yes US Weekly “credited” People, but at this point, it doesn’t really matter.

The same thing works for Blogs and Bloggers.. if someone “steals” your info, cut and pastes it, even if they credit you for it, the original Blogger probably won’t truly get the credit of having someone visit THEIR Blog since they’ve already gotten the info. they were after.  Does that make sense?

You will notice, when an official forum posts info. on the QVC shows, or something else, I don’t lift pictures or product info.  I simply say something along the lines of.. “If you wanna see, you gotta click here”, and link to the thread at MM.  That way in order to see the scoop, you have to visit and give your cyber props to the author of the info.

There’s a whole other animal in the direct stealing of Blog content by cutting and pasting and NOT crediting the original source.. I won’t go there this time around because I’m hoping I won’t have to address anything like that.  (It’s happened to me before with MM forum posts, and it wasn’t pleasant).  We all love and jump on anything and everything new BE has to offer, and I myself have been guilty of kinda having a little freak out and posting something without thinking first who it might affect.  I had to eat some humble pie and apologize afterwards.. so yeah, I completely understand the “omg, new BE” effect.  Here are some things I consider before I pass along something I hear or see:

  • If I post this, will anyone be negatively affected?  I’ve created “issues” for Forum Moderators inundated with a million questions about things I’ve posted, asking them to confirm or deny.. and that’s no fun for them.  99.9% of the time, it’s not “new” to them anyway, and they’re not at liberty to share yet, so that can put them in a very awkward situation.  I try not to do that.
  • Where am I getting my info. from?  A “secret” source?  If so, will that source be negatively affected should it get back that they’ve shared info. they shouldn’t have.  (See #1).  If it’s something I can see at say,, and you can too.. then yeah, go right ahead and share that link, lol.  No one’s gonna get reprimanded for that, well.. maybe a techie at Sephora that didn’t hide the image or something, lol.  But we have to assume if it’s up, it’s game.
  • If I’m in doubt, I ask.  It doesn’t take but a few secs to shoot a PM to a Forum Moderator and say, “hey, I saw this.. is it cool to post?”  He’s pretty good about when things are finally revealed, crediting the person who found it.
  • Am I surfing the QVC website to try and find something new and fabulous to post, without knowing anything about it other than an item # and cryptic description?  Okay.. *I* can’t do this ’cause I’m not that smart.. but if I did.. it wouldn’t be in line with my previous checks and balances.  Someone at QVC could possibly wonder where that info. came from, who leaked it, and in the event it’s info. in the hands of Moderators waiting to release, well.. their integrity is on the line.  That puts us in danger of QVC deciding to pull our access to said information.  None of us want that to happen.

I hope this makes sense, and I hope it shines a little bit of light on these things. 

Cliff Notes version: 

  1. Don’t cut and paste info. from someone’s Blog.
  2. If you’re going to “credit” someone’s Blog, do so with a link, not cutting and pasting their info.  And ask and RECEIVE permission before doing so.
  3. Stop and think before posting newness.  Think of the Forum Moderators.. (insert sad kitten face and sad music here).

I will also add, 99.9% of the time, Forum Moderators have already received info about newness by the time your local BA finds out; the Forum Moderators are just sworn to keep it secret til specific dates. When we post it, they’re not very anxious to confirm or deny.. it’s like the People magazine scenario. The info’s already out there, why re-release it? It’s kind of lost it’s oomph.. not to mention, when we just post things we “hear”, it leaves those in the know to dispell the rumors and correct misinformation on a grand scale. (This Forum Moderator confided that for a single “leaked” newness post on some other blog or forum, they receive anywhere from 100 to 200 requests for confirmation, more details, photos, etc. Hope it’s ok to repeat this, lol.) It harkens back to the old game of telephone. By the time it gets to the end of the line, the info is all distorted… and we’re usually not the ones that have to clean up the mess, or set the record straight.

I promise to do my part to Blog with integrity, credit my sources, and post responsibly while still trying to be informative, fresh, and fun.


5 Responses to “My Exclusive Interview with a Certain Popular Forum Moderator”

  1. Kesha.. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this post. There are a lot of folks out there who could learn from these “guidelines.” We get so caught up in our excitement over newness that sometimes we forget who’s head could be on the line if information is shared to the outside world. Thanks for sharing the information you receive. I love hearing about new things from you and your trusted sources. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Kerry! I’ve gotten caught up myself a few times, and then had to reign in the crazy, lol. I really appreciate your support on this.. I try my best to be “responsible” with my posting, while still dishing the goods, lol.

  2. […] November TSV on QVC I am sure those of us in the BE circle have seen some info. posted regarding the contents of this kit.  I just wanted to take a moment to address why you will NOT be receiving any info. on my Blog about this kit until an official forum posts that information.  Once the info. is at one of these official forums, it means BE has authorized the information to be disseminated.  Until then, I will remain silent on the matter.  For more on this topic, you can read my “Interview with a Certain Forum Moderator“. […]

  3. Thanks for this. Great insight. {{smooches}}

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