BE Cares – Unforgettable

For more information on the BE Cares program, visit their website:  BE Cares.

The current color, Unforgettable, is a limited-edition color created exclusively for the Lung Cancer Alliance.  Every purchase of Unforgettable Eyecolor helps support Bare Escentuals’ donation to the Lung Cancer Alliance through the BE Cares philanthropy program.

I order 3 each of every BE Cares color, one for me, one for “backup”, and one to gift to someone down the road that may have missed out.  If you visit the link above, there’s info. on all the previous colors. 

If you want this one, they’re expected to disappear very soon with the appearance of the NEW Enlightened shade.  Find out more about Enlightened here, including a picture:  Enlightened. 

Here are some pictures and swatches if helping out a great cause isn’t enough of a reason to get this one.  🙂  When you’re ready to order..  head here.  Unforgettable BE Cares color.






5 Responses to “BE Cares – Unforgettable”

  1. Pretty color…..

  2. This color is gorgeous!! Every woman needs this in her make-up arsenal. It resembles Black Ice, IMHO, but is more soft & sparkly. Oh I love Unforgettable!!!

  3. I bought one Saturday, on my way through Bakersfield. They had a tester, and I really liked it, or I wouldn’t have bothered. Just got around to using it today, and it’s wonderful. A approved! lol

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