November TSV on QVC


Yes, the numbers are out there for the TSV, and yes, you CAN order it from those numbers.  My statement on this is still “no statement” until it’s been made PUBLIC through the appropriate avenues.  This one is going to be big though, I can tell just from the response.. it’s gorgeous, the price is amazing, and yeah.  You’ll definitely want to set aside the money for this one.  🙂

I am sure those of us in the BE circle have seen some info. posted regarding the contents of this kit.  I just wanted to take a moment to address why you will NOT be receiving any info. on my Blog about this kit until an official forum posts that information.  Once the info. is at one of these official forums, it means BE has authorized the information to be disseminated.  Until then, I will remain silent on the matter.  For more on this topic, you can read my “Interview with a Certain Forum Moderator“.

I will say however, that I have received some reliable intel, that with all the newness coming out between the Boutiques, QVC, ULTA and Sephora, the everyday addict can expect to spend about 415.00.  🙂  Hope y’all are going to make Santa’s nice list this year.  lol.  If not, well.. at least you know about how much to start squirrelling away.  😉


6 Responses to “November TSV on QVC”

  1. Thank you Kesha! You are honest, kind, and fair!! That is why I love your blog, and trust the information you provide to us! Thank you for all of your hard work! I appreciate all that you do!!

  2. I’m trying to emulate you in doing my blog now. I respect the fact that you want to do things above board. I haven’t even mentioned the new “unreleased” stuff on my blog because of your earlier post & the article you mentioned. This may sound really corny, but I want our blogs to reflect His Light, just like our lives.
    That being said, the TSV & the Ulta “Charmed” kit don’t interest me at all. Thank God!! I’m actually going to be saving a little money this year.

  3. This is totally why I won’t say it in my blog but will share he item numbers if I know they are up and I only do that on facebook. So many people don’t realize how important it is to wait and hear it from the source. I have enough of that at work, I don’t need it affecting my BE! LOL *hugs*

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