QVC – ReThink #2

Mine is scheduled to land here in Homer via UPS tomorrow afternoon.  I usually get my deliveries by noon my time, so as soon as I have it in my hot little hands, I’ll photograph it and write up a review.   If it’s early enough, I may even model it.  🙂  I can hardly wait.. make haste UPS dude!


4 Responses to “QVC – ReThink #2”

  1. Good Morning Kesha, can”t wait to see your review!! Except for the blush being a little too light for me I love it!! Wore it yesterday, but used the Sage Liner instead of the Slate and WOW!!! The Peach Cobbler is without a doubt my absolute favorite gloss!!!

  2. Do tell! I didn’t get this kit on A/D. No money…I’m hoping it’ll turn up on the Q at some point as all of the other A/D’s have as of late.

  3. Come on UPS guy……We are all waiting here!! LOL

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