My Modern Pearls Look

Here’s the look I did with my new Modern Pearls kit.  Well.. it’s not-so-new anymore since it sat unloved on my desk for weeks, lol.  But it’s loved now!  🙂

The look 411:

  • BE Skincare Routine
  • Brightening Prime Time Face Primer
  • Foundation in Golden Fair
  • Original Bisque to conceal
  • Cultured Pearl (dry) crease to brow
  • Modern Pearl (dry) in the crease and “v”
  • Charcoal Big and Bright liner upper and lower lashline
  • Flawless Definition Mascara in Black
  • Pink Pearl blush
  • Praline 100% Natural Lipgloss
  • Regular MV instead of the Brightening Pearl MV (I forgot to use it, lol)


7 Responses to “My Modern Pearls Look”

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  2. Gorgeous*Love*Love*Love*

  3. Pretty. Very Fall-ish

  4. This is a gorgeous color collection on you! I was very silly and did not get this set on AD, but I have learned from my mistake! I got the rethink on AD, and I am very excited to get the November TSV on AD too!! It seems that in a lot of the new kits coming out there have been a lot of gray colors. Do you have a favorite? I like unforgettable and frills from the Beyond Gorgeous set. It has a really cool multi-color sparkle thing happening, lol!!

  5. All we need is ‘YOU’ when it’s Dark and Gloomy, butt won’t this BE Pretty~N~Amazing also, hehehe

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