Shiseido Facial Cotton

I haven’t gotten this excited about a makeup pad, in like.. well ever.  lol.  I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Kellie at Mineral Madness who first mentioned these and sparked my interest.  Not only that, she sent me a baggy full to try.  I’ll tell y’all what I told my hubby.. “these are the Lexus of facial pads!”.  He looked at me and rolled his eyes, but I’m sure you guys will understand my excitement.  🙂

In the past I’ve used Swisspers and Generic Name Brand pads.  I don’t HATE the Swisspers, but I wasn’t in love either.  They were just cheap and seemed to do the trick.  I usually ended up using at least 2 pads per eye to remove my eye makeup.  I also needed to “scrub” more than I liked.. but they were better than the Name Brand ones.  Those had big chunks of.. lets say “fibers” instead of splinters because it sounds better.  But yeah, that’s no fun when you’re trying to remove your makeup and you get scratched.  There’s a reason they’re 1.99 a package.  >.>  I also had to “chase” the makeup that was being removed around my eye area and onto my cheeks.  No fun.

So.. Shiseido Facial Cotton.. what’s so great about them you say?  Here are just a few things I LOVE about them..

  • Super soft, and cushioney.. they baby the delicate eye area
  • Unbelievably absorbant.. they soak up your eye remover and hold it there
  • No more chasing the makeup around your face, they “grab” it and pull it into the pad
  • They’re big.  I can use 1 pad for BOTH eyes instead of 2-3 pads PER eye.  I was shocked and amazed the first time I used them.
  • Economical.  Don’t freak when you see the price.  They’re worth it.  And only using 1 pad per day rather than upwards to 4 saves money in the long run.  There are approx. 150-200 pads per package, so let’s just use the lower amount and say 150.  That comes out to about .06 per pad.  My Swisspers have 80 per tube and were like 3.50.  That’s only .05 per pad, but I was using about 3 per day, so that’s .15/day vs. .06.  So yeah.. cheaper AND better.  Gotta love that!

Here’s a link to Kellie’s original post at Mineral Madness, I got her permission to share it with you, she’s loving these pads too.  🙂  Kellie’s Awesome Find.

So your next question may be.. “but these are from Shiseido, not BE.. are you a dirty traitor?!”.  This is the genius part.. Shiseido recently bought BE, so technically these are still a BE item.  How cool is that?!

These are only available online and you can find them here.. Shiseido Facial Cotton.

And another HUGE thanks to Kellie for finding these! ❤

The Lexus of Facial Cotton. Or Benz.. or whatever luxury car you prefer.


8 Responses to “Shiseido Facial Cotton”

  1. I got them based on Kellie’s recommendation, too and I LOVE them! They are the greatest thing EVER!!!

  2. Yay, Tracy! I hope you love ’em as much as I do! Kesha, thanks for sharing this hot product on your blog. They are DA BOMB! LOL

  3. OK ladies, I’m interested in this. What eye remover are you using with these fab cloths? 😀

    • I’ve been using the Neutrogena stuff, my alltime fav eyemakeup remover is Lancome Bifacil, but it’s too expensive for me right now. lol.

      • Some of these eye makeup remover makes my eyes water really bad after I use them even after I rinse them really well. I have some avon left.
        I’m out of the Neutrogena eye pads, and thinking of trying these pads out but need a makeup eye remover that won’t make my eyes go all nuts on me. LOL.

      • I REALLY like Lancome’s Bifacil.. but it’s like 20-something a bottle. I was using the cheap generic Safeway brand one for awhile, but the Neutrogena feels more gentle. I will say, using the Shiseido pads has made the whole eye makeup removal process not so tedious and daunting, lol. You wouldn’t think a face pad could make that much difference, but it does, lol. Would you like me to send you some to “sample” before you buy them? 🙂

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