All Dolled Up

Okay, quick confession on this one.. I ordered it for the cute bag.  lol.  Yes, I did need more Primer, and yes, I did want 1960’s.. but they had me at “cute pink clutch”.

I did a look with it yesterday, and really liked how it turned out.  Soft, feminine, and did I mention it came with a cute clutch?  🙂

The kit contains:

  • Mini 1960’s eyecolor
  • Mini Mystic eyecolor
  • Mini Prime Time Eye Primer
  • Full Tapered Shadow Brush
  • Snappy Pink Clutch w/Mirror (their description, not mine, lol)

The kit is only available from ULTA, and can be purchased online here:  All Dolled Up.  At only 20.00, I think it’s a great deal.

So stinkin' cute.

In addition to this kit, I also used the following in my look:

  • BE Skincare Routine
  • Brightening Prime Time for Face
  • Foundation in Original Golden Fair
  • Original Bisque to conceal
  • 1960’s (dry) lashline to brow
  • Mystic (dry) crease and “v”
  • Plum Big and Bright Eyeliner upper and lower lashline
  • Sequins Buxom Lashliner tightlined lower waterline
  • Buffed a little bit of Mystic over Plum B&B on outer lower lashline
  • Flawless Definition Mascara in Black
  • Flourish blush
  • Rock Candy 100% Natural Lipstick (I’m in love with this!)
  • Original MV to finish

Earrings made with love by my BE sister Donna. ❤ you friend!


15 Responses to “All Dolled Up”

  1. Yolanda Scott Says:

    Ohhhh Kesha!!! You are wearing my colors luvin the purples and pinks. Work it girrrrl;-) lol

  2. littletidbit30 Says:

    i love this kit!!! i use the cluth to carry my temale items in my purse. it is the perfect size for that!

  3. This clutch came with some other kit, but I don’t remember which one. I only know this ’cause when I ordered the Dolled Up kit, I put the clutch away and viola, I have 2 identical clutches!!!

    I love this kit, though & it looks really good on you.

  4. LOL! I see that I can’t type from my phone well I guess. This case was one of the customizable lip/eye/face cases last year I think.

    • Ooooh, I was still secretly bummed that I missed out on one of those after seeing Saucey’s in SF.. you’re right! I’m pretty sure this IS the same one.. maybe I should get another.. >.>

  5. Kesha, you are a perfect doll…all dolled up! Lovely and sweet!

  6. Kesha, so pretty. I am going to order another “All Dolled Up.” I don’t really know why, but you just look so gosh darn good in it. I am going to order Rock Candy, too. BE should be paying you for this blog. You are a great salesperson.


    • LOL.. thanks Kay! Wouldn’t that be great if BE paid me.. that would be livin’ the dream. 🙂 And I think you’re going to love Rock Candy.. it’s soo pretty. I’m so glad Kellie talked me into it.

  7. I’m loving this look on you. Pink/purples sure brings out your pretty blue peeps.
    I have this kit and I truly love how this combo works out. Soft, sweet and right to the point of looking purrrrty. 🙂
    The earrings looks fantastic on you! ❤ ya sweetie.

    • I love those earrings.. they’re fancy and pretty without being too heavy. LOVE them! I think for 20.00, everyone should have this one. You’re so right.. it’s just pretty. ❤

  8. *AWESOME*
    Thanks so much for sharing. I just got the All Dolled Up set too (I admit, I was also lured in by the pink clutch not to mention the GWP which comes with… another pink clutch!)

    The colors look so GREAT on you!

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